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New Cadillac CTS: available to rent soon

New Cadillac CTS: available to rent soon


Recently, Cadillac has released a new model called the Cadillac CTS. As a matter of fact, it is a standard sedan which is kitted with a powerful engine and a good gearbox.

At first sight you realize that it is a real artwork. Let's have a test drive of this vehicle.

It is worth noting that the sales started just a few months ago. Some journalists and experts couldn't rent and test it, which is unsurprising. In the base trim buyers get a powerful 6.0-litre engine. This unit can produce more than 250hp. It is enough for driving in the city or highways. It can deal with potholes and road imperfections well. The main advantage of the Cadillac CTS is that it accelerates to 100 in 3 seconds. A few sports cars can boast such a result.

The engineers claim that there is more than one cooling system in this car. It has to do with the fact that the power unit produces a lot of heat, which can lead to the overheating of some of the systems. Furthermore, the engineers made cuts underneath the engine compartment, set many passages, which fan cooling air. It follows that they had been working hard on the cooling system.

The designers have well cared about safety. The floor of the engine compartment has been reinforced, the braces between front shock absorbers added, the booster installed. You will not see details and rear subframe welded by hand. The New Cadillac have been completely made by robots.

The interior deserves particular attention. If you rent the car for a day, you will notice quality materials and comfortable seats. The dashboard is well-kitted. Nice illumination does not annoy and disturb you. There is a large touch screen with all the information needed. You can adjust climate control, volume, temperature and others. As for the passenger seats, everything is fine here. Anyone will feel comfortable while driving. There is a little bin in the cabin where you can keep a pad,pens,books,maps and small things.

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