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Nissan Tiida 2015

Nissan Tiida 2015

Nissan Tiida 2015 is closer to Russian conditions now: a high capacity battery and heated mirrors

The sales of the New Nissan Tiida began in March in Russia. The new model is available in the following versions: Welcome, Comfort, Elegance and Tekna.

Welcome (minimum price – 839 000 roubles). In the base version there is already ESP, ABS, front airbags, power windows (front, rear), a trip computer, Brake Assist, heated and adjustable rear-view mirrors, electric power steering, an immobilizer. It is only available with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Comfort(minimum price – 873 000 roubles). This version is complemented with an air conditioner, heated front seats, a sound system CD/MP3 with 4 speakers.

Elegance (minimum price - 913 000 roubles) has a better sound system CD/MP3 with 6 speakers, 16-inch alloy wheels 205/55 R16, a dual-zone climate control, side airbags.

Elegance Plusis equipped with light and rain sensors, auto dimming rear-view mirrors, a keyless system, an engine start/stop button.

Elegance Connectdoes not have such features as in Elegance Plus, but this version has a rear-view camera and a navigation system.

Elegance Plus Connect (minimum price – 1 003 000 roubles) has all features of Elegance and Elegance Connect.

Tekna(minimum price – 1 030 000 roubles). In addition to all the features above it has 17-inch alloy wheels 205/50 R17, a cruise control system and LED headlamps.

With all the variety of features, the engine of the hatchback is 1.6 litres with 117 hp. It consumes 6.4 litres pre 100 km according to the specifications. You can purchase the Tiida Welcome with a 5-speed manual transmission, the Tiida Tekna with CVT only. All other versions are available with manual and automatic transmissions.

The Nissan Tiida is produced at the Izhevsk Automobile Plant. Its aerodynamic design of the C-class car and its elegance will attract attention. Available body colours are: white, silver, dark-grey, black, red, bronze and dark-blue.

So what is the difference between the New Tiida and its predecessor?

The main difference, according to Phillip Sayar (CEO of Nissan in Russia), is that the new model is adapted to the Russian market and got additional equipment such as a high capacity battery for reliable start of engine in cold weather, heated front seats and heated windows. In addition, the new Tiida has a reinforced suspension and increased ground clearance by 155 mm.

The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty (or for 100 thousand km).

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