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Nissan Almera or Chevrolet Cobalt?

Nissan Almera or Chevrolet Cobalt?

Testing the Nissan Almera and Chevrolet Cobalt. Which car has better technical specifications? Which one is the winner?

The Chevrolet Cobalt has appeared in Russia recently. In the USA it is very popular. The car was produced by General Motors from 2004 to 2010. The coupe and sedan were too big, then the Chevrolet Cruze appeared to replace them.

The modern Chevrolet Cobalt is produced at the Brazilian department of General Motors. It is mainly produced for developing countries. The New Cobalt is assembled in Uzbekistan. The car has more similarities with the Aveo, although it is considered to be a descendant of the Cruze. This car is perfect for a big family like the Nissan Almera. The Almera and Cobalt are similar in specifications and price. Both cars are quite practical and have a lot of special features.

When we saw these two vehicles next to each other, we gave our preference to the Almera. The Cobalt is modest and elegant in appearance, strong and has good proportions at the same time. However, the front part has a big grille and headlights of wrong size. It seems like they were borrowed from another car of a bigger size. We can say the same about the Almera. Its headlights do not match the car dimensions. It is more likely that the designers wanted to create similarities with the Teana. To be honest, they succeeded to some extent. The Cobalt compared with the Almera looks smaller. It is 40 mm wider and 117 mm shorter and 8 mm smaller.

The Cobalt is equipped with an engine capacity of which is 1 485 cubic cm and 106 h.p. The Almera has a higher capacity: 1 600 cubic cm, 102 h.p. The Nissan is a little faster than the Cobalt – 185 km/h versus 170 km/h. Fuel consumption of the Cobalt – from 5.3 to 8.4 l, the Almera 5.8 to 9.5 l.

The Almera has a spacious cabin. You will feel comfortable. There are big and comfy seats. The design is simple and does not arouse emotions. To be honest, it is dull. There are not any expensive materials, no armrests and the power windows are not convenient to use.

Nissan Almera или Chevrolet Cobalt? Плюсы и минусы

The Cobalt has a more impressive cabin. The design is thought out well, although it is not very special. The seats are more comfortable, but the rear seats are worse than in the Nissan. There is not enough room for knees and legs. The front panel of the Cobalt has modern forms and is practical. It includes 4 shelves, the Almera has small cups near the gearshift. Ergonomics is better in the Cobalt: a convenient arrangement of buttons, windows and mirror adjustment.

The luggage compartment of the Nissan Almera is big and spacious. But the Cobalt compartment is by 45 litres bigger. The developers saved a bit on the rear space. But the seat backs can be folded in 40/60. There is a disadvantage: its lid is not trimmed with plastic.

Th strong side of the Cobalt is its acoustic comfort, it has excellent insulation and at low speeds the engine is silent. It is a rare thing for such a car. You can hear the Almera engine at all speeds. At a speed of 100 km/h it feels a little uncomfortable, although some people enjoy drone of the engine.

In general, the Almera seemed less versatile than the Cobalt. The Chevrolet is more balanced than its rival and it is the winner according to many factors.

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