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New Year's Day in Prague

New Year's Day in Prague

Going around Prague by car is a chance to visit a fun Christmas fair, the toy museum and the largest castle in Europe.

The idea of a trip came impulsively. My husband got the long-awaited week holiday and we took the children letting them miss the school.

Getting ready

We bought the tickets just two days before the flight, using Aviasales. We preferred a cheaper flight from St Petersburg to Prague with a change in Munich. We spent there two hours and I should say the time flew. It took just 55 minutes to fly from Munich to Prague.

We booked a room for four people in a cheap and comfortably located hotel through the Hotellook website. The bus station and the underground were near the hotel as well as some shops. It took us only 20 minutes to get to the Powder Gates. So six nights with breakfasts included cost 300€ as it was the low cost period (1-7 December).

Новогодний тур в Прагу

First impressions

Most people living in Prague understand Russian quite well as till 1989 it had been taught at school. Lots of Russian tourists , menus and signs in Russian are of great help to those who do not speak English. In the street you can exchange the money and go on an excursion with a Russian speaking guide. The most popular place of destination is the Czech town of Krumlov.

On Sundays almost all the shops are open and even party drugs are legal. To my mind the rules of selling them are stricter even in Amsterdam.

The city founded in X century consists of the Prague castle, Old town and New town as well as the Upper castle. Long ago they were separate districts fighting against each other. It usually takes a day to look around each of them.

Путешествие на Новый год в Прагу

6 days to look around Prague

The first day, the day of arrival was devoted to the Republic square and Wenceslav square in New Town.

On the second day we visited the Prague castle, the Toy museum and St. Nicholas church in Lesser town. But one day was not enough, so we went on the route on the third day.

We visited Hradcany and went up the Petrin Hill and went down the Petrin funicular. Than, to add some fun for children, we visited the Ghost museum.

The forth day was spent to look around the Jewish district and the Zoo.

On the fifth day we explored the New Town and the islands of Vltava. The last destination was the pub called “At Fleku”.

The last day we spent in Upper Castle.

Every evening we spent at the fair in the Old Town square. There was a beautiful Christmas tree in the middle of it. There are some performances and of course some stalls with tasty things. Moreover, we went across the Charles bridge not once, which is protected by UNESCO. There are some souvenir stalls as well.

Новогодняя Прага

The most interesting landmarks

The Prague Castle is the largest castle in Europe, impressing everyone’s imagination. St. Vitus cathedral is seen from every point of the city. It had been being built during 600 years till 1928. If you buy a full ticket, you can visit lots of museum as well.

The Baroque St Nicholas church impresses by its interior. On the top of the Petrin Hill there is a mini replica of the Eifel Tower. It is worth seeing.

The Zoo is quite well, especially the zone devoted to the Indonesian tropics. It looks like the real ones. This trip was amazing for the whole family.

How to hire a car in Czech Republic

  1. The hire is 50€ per day
  2. The hire includes the unlimited number of kilometers to go, full insurance, road taxes and goods and services tax
  3. You need to have the international driving license and a credit card
  4. You have to be no younger than 21 and have 2 years of driving experience
  5. Some ideas of traffic regulations:
    • You have to drive with dimmed headlights on
    • Studded tyres are not allowed
    • You have to have your seatbelts fastened
    • The speed limitation in inhabited areas is 50 km\h and on the highways is 90km\h

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