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New Ford Fiesta and its prospects in Russia

New Ford Fiesta and its prospects in Russia

Soon the renewed Ford Fiesta will reach the Russian market. Will it be able to compete with other vehicles of this class?

Lately the automobile company Ford announced about the launch of the new Fiesta sedan in Russia. According to the producer’s opinion, the car will bring the customer’s interest back to life. However, the study of the new model and its comparison with other vehicles of this class showed some disadvantages of the new sedan.

During last year the sales of the company dramatically declined so the models extension can bring the company back to its level. Regardless to the company’s goals the customers once again will receive a new car as an option. The increase of the models row began with the launch of the renewed Ford Mondeo that was followed by the Fiesta sedan. However the launch of the new model doesn’t always guarantee a success. So it’s essential to find out what the company offers to their clients.

The Ford Fiesta sedan has the 6th generation car in its base. For a long time it has been making a success in Brasil, China, US and other countries. The Fiesta’s restyled version was demonstrated in 2012 in Los-Angeles. The front part of the body was made in the “Aston Martin” style. Renewed headlights go well with decorated radiator grill and the light engineering is more extracted now. In a presented version, the vehicle is supplied with 1L turbocharged EcoBoost engine. But the Russian market will not see this type of engine that will be more advantage than disadvantage. In Russia EcoBoost engine isn’t very popular. If there is a demand the turbo engine car will appear in the Ford’s model range.

The new Ford Fiesta has an automatic transmission. The model will be presented with the Powershift automatic transmission and the 5-speed manual transmission. Under the bonnet there is 1.6 L petrol engine with 3 power options 85, 105, 120 hp. It’s necessary to mention several improvements made specially for Russia: the vehicle has a higher clearance, more winter functions and is adapted for 92 gasoline.

Some options remain unknown but certainly there will be a ACS breaking system, an audio system Ford SYNC with voice-activated control.

The Fiesta’s size can be regarded as a disadvantage.Its wheel base is the smallest among all the Ford models and the trunk is not big enough. So a trip on the backseats can be uncomfortable. In size the Fiesta sedan is close to the 1st-gen Ford Focus. However the Focus had a longer base and bigger trunk.

The automobile’s producers claim the Fiesta will become available with its price cheaper than the Ford Focus. This conclusion was made mainly because of the car’s compact size. But one shouldn’t rely on such claims because in 2009 the Ford Focus with 1.4L and 1.6L engine cost less that the Fiesta. At that times the Fiesta was in demand only among its true fans. So the price-cutting is still under the question. Perhaps they will save on the amount of functions or the plastic’s quality.

The automobiles will be produced on the Ford Sollers factory. The engine’s production will take place in Yelabuga. They launch the Ford Fiesta sedan and also the hatchback which again returns to Russia.

The production in Russia leads to a conclusion that the car’s price will be a bit cheaper than in Brazil or US. In these countries the price is about 1 mln roubles. So it isn’t a budget car. The Fiesta will cost in Russia about 500 000 roubles. However with this price it will meet serious rivals such as the Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio.

Thus, the new Ford Fiesta has uncertain prospects. On the one hand it has the limited number of functions, not the best design and a high competition won’t help its popularity. On the other hand its front part is presentable enough and the majority of car enthusiasts will like the cabin.Perhaps the vehicle can reach not high but stable sales.

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