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New city-like Nissan Tiida

New city-like Nissan Tiida

The automobile Nissan Tiida combines the best qualities of the previous models.

The new hatchback Nissan Tiida doesn’t look like the previous one. Despite of the same name they cannot be compared. Absolutely different parameters of the new car changed its position on the market. The new hatchback is a golf-class car with appropriate equipment, size and price.

Among the competitors - the Kia Ceed, Ford Focus and Mazda 3- the Nissan has a spacious rear row and more impressive wheel base. All this affected the price of the vehicle. The price of the basic configuration starts fr om 839 000 roubles and the top one will cost about 1 030 000 roubles.

The vehicle combines the X-Trail and Qashqai styles, an unusual form of the LED headlights with the Pulsar chrome-plated niches of the fog lamps and a radiator grill. The vehicle launched in Russia has different door handles, wheel disks and mirrors and doesn’t have a rubber slider on the bumper. The vehicle has a renewed image and opportunities that perfectly suit a citizen and the young drivers will come to like its style.

The main advantage of the new Tiida is good clearance. However the car isn't produced on the Pulsar platform that cannot be high enough for the Russian roads. Also the union of the Nissan models occurred to be very profitable. On the whole the Tiida became a combination of the two models wh ere the lower part was taken from the Sentra sedan and the top was made in the Pulsar’s style.

The Tiida hatchback has a 1.6L petrol engine with 117hp. The previous generations of the Qashqai and Juke had the same motor. The vehicle also has the similar transmission. The 5-speed transmission provides a good drive. The vehicle can handle quick maneuvers and totally justifies the expectations on the motorway. The speeding-up is smooth and predictable. But you might face some difficulties driving up the lacet: the vehicle will drive only on the 2nd speed.

The CVT is well done and provides a comfortable drive up the hill. The speed choice is always correct regardless of a driving manner. The test-drive showed that the car’s CVT conforms either to «racers» or to those who prefer a calm drive. Also the Tiida’s variator doesn’t have any noise on a high speed. The Nissan Tiida with CVT is more economic that the one with a manual transmission. However during the test-drive both vehicles exceeded the claimed level of the fuel consumption.

The new model has a good aerodynamic cabin. The floor and wheel arches are isolated which confines the outside noise. However you can hear motor sounds in the cabin.

The technically identical Sentra and Tiida have different size. The Tiida doesn’t have such an impressive boot which loads the back part and it is 238 cm shorter. Special poles that support the body under the floor provide a confident drive. They allow to drive quickly in the corners and to remain a comfortable trip for passengers. An absence of the steering wheel feedback deprived the model of the light and easy turns.

The Tiida hatchback has the same cabin as the Sentra. In appearance they look identically but the difference is in their packages. The basic version of the Tiida doesn’t have a climate control system. While in the Sentra there’s a climate control in any version. The same situation is with a seat heating. The car safety is well planned. Every model has the airbags, the ISOFIX and the ESP and ABS systems.

If you compare the price the medium package of the Tiida will be cheaper that the Sentra. The most expensive package Tekna includes an audio system and a back-eye camera. It also has rain and light sensors and a navigation system. The full package of the Sentra is more expensive because it has xenon optics and leather interior trim.

In spite of the difference between the vehicles, the Nissan remains a good purchase even during the crisis.

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