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New Audi Q3

New Audi Q3

Audi Q3 with new interior and comfortable suspension

The launch of the New Audi Q3 has made all drivers worry. Russian fans of urban SUVs have been waiting long for the new model – the smallest crossover Q3 queueing to buy it long before the official launch.

This model is based on the platform of the Volkswagen Tiguan, but despite this, the Q3 has very little in common in appearance with the Volkswagen. But the German car maker has managed to reduce costs considerably when developing this crossover.

Currently, the popularity of this model is still enormous, so the designers decided not to change it radically. Restyling was insignificant but the changes are still seen by the naked eye.

The front of the car was changed. Following the example of the eldest “brother” Q7, the small crossover got trim on the radiator grille frame joining the head lights. This feature appeared in 2012 when the designer Wolfgang Egger introduced his concept — Crosslane. According to his idea, the frame of the grille and windscreen and also the rear steel beam perform a supporting function.

If you look inside the Audi Q3, you can notice new details in the interior. Among the main elements of the interior and panel everything is in its own place. It has the same comfortable climate control and multimedia systems. The new Audi models got MMI knobs, which gains significantly in functionality and convenience compared to the traditional knobs on the centre console of the Q3.

Since the wheelbase of the Audi Q3 is the smallest among premium class crossovers, the rear passengers do not have enough space for their legs, but the ceiling is quite high to avoid discomfort.

Its tilted rear columns are the cause of the smaller luggage compartment 460 litres of space. But the Audi engineers had been engaged in remaking the suspension of the Q3 model. According to them, the new crossover got more comfortable suspension, although it will be too difficult to feel the change in it. In all car versions there is “Audi drive select” system, which adjust shock absorbers.

Despite the constant traffic jams, the Audi engineers promise that the deactivation of the two cylinders does not affect the ride. This system allows to reduce fuel consumption by 20%.

For those car owners who love speed the model Quattro is available with 220 hp and a 2 litre engine. This engine is equipped with a 7-speed “robot” with wet clutches. The transmission is adjusted easily to the style of driving and speed change becomes more gentle and at high speeds the Audi Q3 does not shake any more.

You can choose a manual transmission. The 6-speed manual transmission of the Audi Q3 and its accurate speed change distinguish it. But when you change it into the model with a robotic S-tronic transmission, you will feel more comfort when travelling in heavy traffic.

In short, the new crossover Audi Q3 is very stylish, economical and competitive both in pricing and technical side. And if someone is not very happy with the similarity of the new Audi with Volkswagen cars because of the same platform, they can always put them together and make sure that this similarity is lost due to the unique features of these cars.

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