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New Audi A6 Prologue Design

New Audi A6 Prologue Design

These days, manufacturers try to surprise us with their original concepts. One of the car geniuses, Audi, is not far behind

The hype around one of the most exciting concept from German engineers hasn't settled down yet – the word «Prologue» was under its exhibition stand. Many experts started talking about the new style, which will inherit the next generation's models from the presented experimental model, designed by Marc Lichte.

The concept is a five-meter coupe, according to Audi, can accelerate to 100kmph in 3.7sec, while fuel consumption is more than modest.

What will be exciting about the new A6? The concept of the Prologue will be the base for the new-generation's premium A6 sedans. Audi engineers officially confirmed it at the Shanghai Auto Show on 20th April.

Now the concept is called Allroad, but in the future it will be a continuation of the A6 generation. The car will be available in several bodies, which are typical for the current generation of the Audi A6. In the coming years, fans of the brand can appreciate all the advantages of an estate car and a sedan.

Some of technical features of the new car are known. In particular, the body is placed on a higher platform, therefore the road clearance is increased by 77mm than in a conventional estate car Avant. Both five-link suspensions are the lightest possible. According to engineers, the five-link type suspensions has been developed with new technology and will be presented for the first time.

Moreover, the concept has a lot of interesting technological improvements. A production model will have some of these. In particular, the car won't have 20-inch brake discs, which were in the concept.

The presented model, which will be a base for the A6, has a hybrid installation and runs on both electric and a 4-litre turbocharged engine. The total capacity of the hybrid installation is 734bhp; maximum torque reaches 900Nm.

In addition, the car will be equipped with the already familiar quattro all-wheel drive from the earlier models. We also know, the new generation A6 will get the MLB Evo platform, which is analog like the A7, and well proven in the submitted Audi Q7 crossover recently.

Futhermore, the rear wheels will be able to deflect horizontally up to 5 degrees with a special mechanism. This will give better handling and maneuverability at low speeds and stability at high speeds.

The interior is more than modern. For example, the innovative Butler technology identifies the driver and passengers immediately and automatically adjust the seat positions and interior climate according to their preferences.

The radiator grille will be presented as a firm hexahedron, which looks good with modern head optics. The impressive dimensions of ducts give the car a sporty look. Original alloy wheels on low-profile tyres are one of the most important parts of the exterior.

The premier is expected in the coming years, as soon as the flagship Audi A8 will be released in a series. It will be the first example of the Prologue design. Then, innovations will affect the other premium models A6 and A7 too.

Specially for the Chinese market, Audi introduced a special model A6 L e-tron with a hybrid installation, including a 2-litre engine and an electric motor. Its total power is 245bhp and average fuel consumption is not higher than 2.2 litres per 100km.

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