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Need a convertible to rent? Choose ferociously powerful BMW M4!

Need a convertible to rent? Choose ferociously powerful BMW M4!

Summer is best time to drive a convertible. Rental companies in Moscow offer few of them.The BMW M4 Convertible is one of them. It has a powerful engine,a folded roof. With the roof up handling is better, with the roof down it has more space.

Summer or warm autumn is the best time to travel outside the city. Especially by a convertible. It is not very practical to buy such a car but you can always rent it for some time. Not many rental companies have convertibles in the fleets, but surely you can find few which have them.

One of the convertibles you should definitely rent and test is the BMW M4 Coupe. The Bavarian automobile company wanted to follow the success of the M4 and made a convertible based on it. The car comes with a turbo 3.0-litre engine, 421 hp and a robotic transmission. This powerful engine brings a big thrill to the driver. When you slightly press the gas pedal, it darts off immediately. It’s not good for driving in the city but right for driving on highways or outside the city. But if you use different settings for the steering and suspension,it can be transformed from a sports car into the one you can use every day.

The rented convertible has powerful subframes and a muscular bodywork. The stowed roof is still massive and the mechanism is heavy. As a result, the convertible is 178 kg heavier than the Coupe. It is not easy to handle and control. It is not stable on the road, which is unacceptable for the declared level of comfort and quality.

Moreover, there are no complaints when driving it on the perfect surface, but if you pull off to the bad road, different parts of the car starts living their own lives, for instance, the rear-view mirror comes loose so as the steering column.

The folded roof deserves special praise. It is made of glass, plastic and aluminium. It takes 22 sec to fold it at a speed of 18 km/h. With the roof up the convertible handles better and lurches less. With the roof down there is less boot space – 220 litres of space instead of 370. Sound insulation is at high level – sound comfort remains up to 120 km/h. The BMW M4 Convertible is a four-seater, but if you want to use it with the roof down more often, you’d better use it as a two-seater as you can fit a wind deflector across the rear seats.

The suspension is softer here. It handles better on pits and bumps.

Its closest rivals such as the Porsche 911 GTS, Audi RS 5 Cabriolet are more expensive to buy and rent.

Car rentals in Moscow provide all sorts of cars, including convertibles. But in cold weather we offer you to rent the BMW 730i in Moscow. AvtoProfi has special offers for those who prefer long journeys at the wheel of one of the best cars.

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