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Back to the past with hired Kia Mohave

Back to the past with hired Kia Mohave

Kia cars are most common cars to hire. Mohave appeared in 2009. This SUV has its drawbacks and has not been changed since then. Kia company has examined its faults and is going to present the new generation car soon.

The Kia Mohave was presented in Russia in 2009. After the presentation, consumers appreciated the car positively.

Kia cars are also popular to rent. However, since 2009 the car has not undergone any considerable changes so a question comes to mind: is the Mohave still actual today?

The cabin is designed in a classic style, over which time has no power. Austere colours and simple shapes of the interior, in this case, are not a portent of Spartan conditions. The car is quite roomy inside (especially the rear seats) and very comfortable. Though, you will not enjoy much comfort with your gadget as the multimedia system does not support modern gadgets and refuse to recognize them. The build-in navigator does not go with the times - it cannot boast high speed and reliability.

The Mohave comes with a diesel engine, 250 hp and 3 litres (it consumes 11 litres per 100 metres). These characteristics are enough to provide torque up to 549 Nm. Its powerful motor is supplemented by the 8-speed automatic transmission (initially it came with a 6-speed transmission). However, not the most responsive handling is worsened by too soft shock absorbers (those who can hardly stand long trips, the Mohave is contra-indicated), unbalanced chassis and high center of gravity, in this case speed records should be broken not on the winding road.

After driving on the off-road, the Mohave leaves contradictory feelings. In the version with pneumatic suspension the car is able to rise up and lower the rear part by 40 mm. Four-wheel drive is provided by the transfer box Borg Warner. There is demultiplicator of a planetary type (transmission ratio – 2,4:1). As a result, the car handles with worndown roads confidently, but the excessively soft suspension responses with jerks to every pothole, and every attempt to climb up the hill is stopped by the absense of brake assist system.

In Kia the experiment with the Mohave is recognized as unsuccessful, which is the reason why it has not been changed for so long. In fact, the sales of the Mohave were stopped in the USA, the Europeans were not eager to buy it as well. However, Kia has not left attempts to create a decent SUV as they have examined their unsuccessful experience and are planning to present the new generation Mohave. You can also hire cars here.

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