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Rent car to visit Montenegro

Rent car to visit Montenegro

Traveling around Montenegro by a rental car – rent a car and explore this amazing country! Make sure to visit local beaches and spa resorts! The beauty of this country is impressive and unforgettable.

Coast of the Adriatic Sea, mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes, old towns and the warm climate are all about Montenegro. This is a very attractive country for traveling by a rental car.

Rent a car without a driver

It's easy to book a rental car in advance to get it at the airport. You just have to present:

  • booking document;
  • driver's license;
  • credit card to pay a deposit.
На взятой напрокат машине по Черногории

Local roads are comfortable. Don't forget to use the dipped beam while driving.

After getting a car, we drove to the Skadar Lake. It takes a large part of the country. It's declared as a national park. On local banks and hills, there are plenty of beautiful birds. You can see traces of the locals' lifestyle. Around the lake, there are many old Orthodox monasteries with old books.

Then we reached a coast with unusual rocky shores. Budva was founded by the Phoenicians. There are a lot of buildings and churches showing us the city's history. Above the town, there is the citadel that was considered the most powerful building of the eastern Adriatic coast. On the island of St. Stephen, there is a luxury hotel complex that looks like a medieval town.

На взятой напрокат машине по Черногории

Then we reached the Bay of Kotor and its bays. In Kotor, there is a magnificent Monastery of St. Tryphon and fortress of St. Luke. Also, there is the narrowest street in the world.

На взятой напрокат машине по Черногории

We drove around the bay, and then we reached the island of Virgin to visit a local temple.

Moreover, we drove to local mountains. At an altitude of 900 meters, there is the monastery of Ostrog with where the main shrines of Montenegro. You can reach it by driving on a beautiful but difficult road. We also visited the Durmitor National Park to see its amazing rivers. There is the deepest canyon in Europe that is cut by the Tara river.

Then we drove to Podgorica through the green ridges and valleys. We saw the monument to Vysotsky, and then we drove to the airport where we had gotten the rental car. Then we flew back home.

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