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From Moscow to Budapest by rental car

From Moscow to Budapest by rental car

Traveling from Moscow to Budapest by rental car will change your perception of Hungary. It is an amazing country with its unique atmosphere and charm. There are eight stunning bridges in Budapest – make sure to see them all!

The Hungarian capital is beautiful at any time of the year. Traveling by rental car will give you lots of impressions.

Rent a car if it's necessary

What to do if you plan a trip to Budapest and book a hotel, but your car is being repaired? There is a solution – you can rent a car in Moscow. You shouldn't cancel your holiday and all plans. To rent a car, you have to:

Москва – Будапешт на прокатном авто
  • thoroughly inspect its technical condition. Record any slight dent or scratch to avoid trouble and questions;
  • know that if you travel abroad, you need to have documents for a driver, all passengers, and a rental car.

You'll travel through a few countries. Therefore, it's necessary to learn their traffic rules in advance. The quality of European roads is excellent, so you'll enjoy your trip.

Danube Pearl

People often call the Hungarian capital «The Danube Pearl». Two parts of this city are located on opposite banks of the Danube river. Previously, there were two different cities. They were united after building a chain bridge in 1848. Budapest became a capital of united, independent Hungary.

Москва – Будапешт на прокатном авто

There are eight bridges over the Danube river. They are main attractions in the city. The first bridge was Chain Bridge. Then a unique Erzsebet Bridge was built. It doesn't have supports. Then, locals built Margit Bridge and other bridges.

Castle Hill in the Buda district is famous for the ancient Buda Castle. On the Holy Trinity square, there is the Matthias temple that is one of the oldest temples in Hungary. It was turned into a mosque during the Turkish time. This Gothic church got the previous appearance only due to restorers.

On Castle Hill, there is the Fisherman's Bastion with seven towers in honor of the seven Hungarian nationalities. Also, there is Royal Palace with several interesting museums.

Москва – Будапешт на прокатном авто

Fortress of the Austrian time is located on the Gellert Mountain. Near its walls, there is a 40-meter-high monument of Freedom with a female statue holding a palm branch above her head.

There are plenty of beautiful parks in Budapest, including Varoshliget. There is an artificial pond where you can take a boat in summer or try ice skating in winter. Also, there is the Vajdahunyad castle that consists of 21 buildings of different architectural styles from different eras.

There are famous Baths of Széchenyi graph with healing water from local sources.

We had a long trip back from the Hungarian capital. Due to cheap car rental in Moscow, our journey was inexpensive.

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