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Trip from Moscow to Berlin by rental car

Trip from Moscow to Berlin by rental car

Traveling through Europe by rental Opel Astra: we visited Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. Europe looks amazing and magical in winter, especially on Christmas Eve. However, don't forget about snow tyres.

The route for our journey was chosen without any deep reflection – we just wanted to visit Czech Republic and Germany.

At first glance at the map, we saw our route: Moscow – Gagarin – Smolensk – Minsk – Brest – Krakow – Prague – Karlovy Vary – Dresden – Berlin – Moscow.

Car rental without a driver

In winter, the Opel Astra is suitable for a trip with a small group of people. It's a good car with a well-arranged and large trunk. In addition, rental prices for a car without a driver aren't high in Moscow. Don't forget to pay attention to the tyres in winter – choose the snow tyres.

Москва – Берлин на взятом напрокат автомобиле

To rent a car, you need to present:

  • passport and driver's licence;
  • credit card with enough funds for a deposit,

So, we rented a car and started our journey.

Roads, rules, and drivers

The route passes through Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. Traffic rules are similar, but there are some differences in speed limits. Drivers' behaviour is different, too.

In Russia, drivers are polite and friendly.

  • Poles are polite, but they like to overtake.
  • Czech drivers are responsive and friendly.
  • Germans love to drive at high speeds on their excellent autobahns, but they are friendly.

We left Moscow early, and we reached Gagarin (Gzhatsk) after three hours. This city is the birthplace of the first cosmonaut, so there is the Memorial museum. Of course, we visited the house-museum and a real dugout where Gagarin lived during the war. These impressions are unforgettable!

After that, we visited other tourist attractions to feel a special atmosphere that this cosy city has.

Москва – Берлин на взятом напрокат автомобиле

We arrive in Smolensk in the evening. We saw the Cathedral Mountain and all the temples from a distance. This city, the main western Russian fortress, played a significant role in the destruction of Napoleon's and Hitler's plans during the wars. Smolensk is one of the main pride of Russia.

The capital of Belarus impressed us with its library near the entry into the city. We drove around Minsk through Nezalezhnastsi Prospect and Dzyarzhinskaga Prospect. Then we moved to Brest.

We all remember the heroism of defenders of the fortress of the city and of the railway station. We can consider Brest as one of the symbolic monuments of all the defenders in the world.

We stopped to have a break and to relax in Krakow. Walking around the centre of Krakow, we realised that a coronation ceremony could be possible only in a magnificent city like this. And ashes of all the Polish kings could be kept only in this city.

There is a direct road from Krakow to Dresden, but we wanted to visit the Czech Republic, so we drove to Prague. Perhaps, it's only one of all the European capitals city, which preserves the spirit of craft masters. We walked on the Karlov street to see handmade souvenirs in the local shops. Moreover, there is a house, where Bedrich Smetana was writing his music. On the opposite bank of the river, there is the parliament building where the local government talks about how to improve the country.

We drove for about 120 km to visit Karlovy Vary. We had a break, walked around tourist part of the city, and chose a place where to drink water from one of the outdoor fountains. Then we had a proper Czech lunch – onion soup in bread.

Москва – Берлин на взятом напрокат автомобиле

Rent a car without a driver to explore Dresden. The road goes through the mountains, but we could drive at 80kmph without any stress and enjoy the views. There are a lot of valleys with castles on the hills. We reached Ústí nad Labem to have a break on the river bank. This place is surrounded by mountains, so we couldn't evaluate its width. Then we moved north.

We saw two police cars and realised that we had left Laba and reached Elbe. On autobahns, the speed limits are higher, and the Germans love to drive fast.

Dresden is a gallery with an exhibition of porcelain products. You can walk through its quiet halls and enjoy the exhibitions. Unfortunately, no one can remove the traces of the barbaric bombing on February 1945 from the Dresden Palace.

Meissen is located 30 km from the capital of Saxony. You can enjoy great views of the castle.

Our last point was Berlin. We walked on Unter den Linden and through Tiergarten, then we drove through streets and squares in the evening. Before coming back home, we visited Warsaw to enjoy its musical benches and walk along Marszalkowska.

Also, we visited Brest, Minsk, and Smolensk. Then we came back to Moscow and returned the rental car.

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