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Car rental for traveling from Moscow to Berlin

Car rental for traveling from Moscow to Berlin

Traveling to Berlin by rental car is easy and fun. You can rent a comfortable car in Moscow at any showroom. Make sure to visit all the main tourist attractions in the capital of Germany.

Germany's capital is a symbol for Russians. A lot of Russians want to visit Berlin to honor their victory.

Car rental, route, and rules

When you can't use your own car, it shouldn't be a problem for traveling. It's easy to find cheap car rental in Moscow. If you age and driving experience meet requirements, you can get a rental car within a few minutes.

To visit Berlin, you'll drive through Belarus and Poland, so it's necessary to know traffic rules of these countries as well. They are similar, but there are some differences:

Москва – Берлин: доберемся на арендованной машине
  • In Belarus, speed limits in cities is 60kmph. In Poland and Germany – 50kmph.
  • Outside the city: in Belarus – 110kmph; in Poland – 140kmph; in Germany – 130kmph.
  • In Belarus, you can use a speed trap warning, but it's prohibited in other two countries, as well as studded tires.

Let's explore Berlin

You'll should drive about 2,000 km to reach Berlin, so you'll stop in hotels at least twice. It's better to start driving from Moscow early morning to avoid traffic jams. All of us know how good European roads are and how polite local traffic police is.

Москва – Берлин: доберемся на арендованной машине

Finally, we reached Berlin. Probably it's the only city that became the capital for 5 times. This city was a capital of Brandenburg, Prussia, and Germany. After the war, the eastern sector of Berlin was a capital of the GDR, and then it became a capital of Germany again. There are plenty of tourist attractions in a city like this with a long history.

The most famous symbol of Berlin is Brandenburg Gate. It resembles its great prototype, Greek Acropolis. It was a part of the Berlin Wall for 30 years, but now it's a symbol of united Germany. There is the chariot of the goddess of victory although the architecture wanted to create the goddess of peace.

People who tried to overcome the Berlin Wall were put in jail or shot. By the way, the Wall was built within one night, and it was destroyed for souvenirs in a few days. Its fragments were rebuilt as a tourist and a commemorative object. The restored part with three towers (more than 300 towers were there) attracts many tourists.

Москва – Берлин: доберемся на арендованной машине

The Reichstag is a symbol of fascism’s falling. Placing the Banner of Victory is one of the most famous images of the Second World War. The destroyed building was completely rebuilt. Now, the German parliament works here.

Make sure to visit Museum Island. There are many museums with a lot of ancient artifacts. You’ll need a lot of time to see all the exhibits.

We didn’t have time to explore the whole museum because we had to come Due to a rental car without a driver we were able to enjoy the beauty of Berlin.

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