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BMW 7-series made rental dreams real

BMW 7-series made rental dreams real

The review of the BMW 7-series: the most advanced innovations and the latest achievements of auto engineering. This premium class car is packed full of different electronic systems to improve the quality of comfort and safety.

In the premium class, there is always a fierce competition between the major carmakers.

While other segments try to attract buyers with a low price, unfussy or extravagant design, only a total technical superiority has value in this class. The new generation of the BMW 7 series makes what we saw only in computer games and science fiction movies, real.

The BMW mainly drew the attention of potential buyers with the multifunction ignition key with a colour display and a fully automatic parking system. The super power laser lights can light up to 600 metres. The car lights the surface under the opened door at night.

To control the systems, there are electronic switches which won’t surprise anybody. However, gesture control works great and is really amazing. With this, you can respond to phone calls or adjust the volume of the multimedia system.

The new BMW 7-series is equipped with a few cameras for surveys. During manoeuvres, a three-dimensional image of the car and the nearest object appear on the on-board computer.

The removable Samsung tablets with wireless charging are installed in the back of the front seats. Besides its primary purpose, they can be used to control some car systems.

The suspension supports multiple modes including adaptive. Due to this, the car automatically detects the type of surface, adjusts the ground clearance and damping. The parameters change immediately so you won’t feel any imperfections of the surface.

Four engines are available in the updated BMW 7-series: a 265bhp diesel engine, a 326bhp hybrid engine and two petrol engines (265bhp and 450bhp). Due to the excellent soundproofing, the engine won’t disturb passengers for up to 160kmph.

Handling works perfectly, but that wasn’t enough for the engineers. They added the auto-steer which works till 210kmph. The 8-speed automatic transmission doesn’t inferior in quality and reliability.

Perhaps, there is the only one drawback in the background of the technical perfection. While getting in the car, you might bang your head to the roof. However, almost every sedan has this "feature". Rent BMW 730i for for 8,000 roubles per day.

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