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Cheap car rent to travel in Andorra

Cheap car rent to travel in Andorra

Traveling around Andorra by the rented car – this place is famous for its ski and spa resorts. Moreover, this is a very cosy place between France and Spain.

This is a small principality in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. It's one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

Cheap car rent

To travel around Andorra, you can rent a car online without a deposit. Then you can easily get your vehicle at the airport of Barcelona. The rental price for an economy class car is about 30,000-35,000 roubles per week.

You should show in the car rental office:

  • information about your order;
  • driver licence and passport.
Машина в аренду дешево для прогулки в Андорру

Traffic rules, roads, and drivers' behaviour

The length of all the roads of the principality is about 270km. Two-thirds of them are covered with asphalt. Both the asphalt and dirt roads provide smooth and comfortable driving.

The traffic rules are standard for Europe. However, you can't drive at high speeds in the principality. There are the following speed limits:

  • in the city – 40kmph;
  • outside the city – from 60kmph to 90kmph.

After landing in Barcelona and renting a car, we drove for two days and reached our hotel in Andorra la Vella. It's a capital with the highest mountains in Europe.

Barcelona is famous because of Montserrat Caballé and Freddie Mercury. There is one more name that is important for Barcelona - Antonio Gaudi. We all know about the Temple of the Holy Family and look forward to the completion of its construction. However, this is already an active temple and tourist attraction.

In Barcelona, there is one more famous and beautiful temple – Temple of the Sacred Heart (Sagrat Cor). It has sacred significance for the whole Catalonia.

Машина в аренду дешево для прогулки в Андорру

Then we went to the Labyrinth Park, where we spent the whole day until the evening. Next day, we drove around the city looking at the Gaudi's masterpieces, and then we moved to Andorra.

The Barcelona–Andorra la Vella road (200km) is surrounded by mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks. There are a lot of dangerous serpentines. After crossing the border of the principality, we drove to the old church which is in the list of UNESCO world heritages.

Near Andorra la Vella, we saw the Bridge La marginata. doesn't need to be required although it didn't change the appearance since it had been built in the XII century.

In the capital of Andorra, we first visited the melting clocks. This is a copy of Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" which was donated to the principality by the agent of this mysterious man.

In the old quarter, in the southern part of the city, there is an ancient castle, The Casa de la Vall. It was built in the XVI century from rough stone. Now, it's an excellent example of the Catalan countryside manor. This castle plays an important political role – it is a hall for the meetings of the General Council. In an annexe, there is a court. Moreover, there is one of the richest philatelic collections.

Behind the river flowing along the Andorra la Vella, there are a few ski resorts: The Escaldes Resort, The Grandvalira Resort, and the largest thermal spa in the Western Europe, The Caldea Resort. The whole country lives thanks to the tourism, so the level of service is very high. In the ski area, there are different trails for any level of training and any equipment. Thermal waters are about 70 degrees. They include sulfur, salt, and thermal plankton.

Машина в аренду дешево для прогулки в Андорру

Rent a car without driver to create your own route. Let's start a tour around the most famous ski resorts of Andorra. First, we drove to the south borders to Naturlandia. At an altitude of more than 2 km, you can try skiing or hiking. The 5-km-long toboggan trail is famous over the whole world.

Our next trip from the capital was to the north-east. The first stop was in the Encamp Resort. Due to the 6-km Fyunikamp ropeway and plenty lifts, there is no line at all. Trails are easy, but they are different, and their quality is high. In the eponymous town, there are a few historical buildings. In Grandvalira, there is the Meritshelskoy Shrine of Our Lady, who is a patroness of Andorra. You can see her wooden image inside. The mirrored hall of the sanctuary looks luxurious.

Машина в аренду дешево для прогулки в Андорру

A bit further from the capital, there is a complex of resorts: Canillo Resort, Soldeu Resort, and El Tarter Resort at different altitudes. Make sure to visit Canillo – it's a beautiful medieval town.

The Pas de la Casa Resort is located on the border with France. It was formed by four snowy valleys. Moreover, there is a great school for learning how to ski.

Then we came back to Barselona, returned the rented car, and went to the airport.

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