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Car rental to travel to Rosa Khutor

Car rental to travel to Rosa Khutor

Traveling by rental car to Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, and Rosa Khutor. The first World Cup in alpine skiing in Russian history was held there in February 2012. This mountain resort meets the highest standards of service and security.

There are a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities both in winter and summer. Rent a car to explore this wonderful place!

You can easily rent a car at the resort to spend you best holiday ever. There are a lot of places to see at the Rosa Khutor, and make sure to travel around the Sochi coast.

Car rental

Car rental offices are located in Krasnaya Polyana. To rent a car, you have to present:

  • passport and driver's licence;
  • credit card with enough funds for a deposit.
Машина напрокат для путешествия из «Розы Хутор»

Traffic rules in Sochi

There are following speed limits:

  • in the city – up to 60kmph;
  • outside the city – up to 90kmph;
  • on highways – up to 110kmph.

Along the Sochi coast, a "floating" limit is tested. It depends on weather and other factors, and it's displayed on the scoreboard.

Also, you should take into account local drivers' behaviour. They like to overtake, can suddenly accelerate, and "jump" in front of you not thinking about the consequences at all.

Машина напрокат для путешествия из «Розы Хутор»

If you rent a car for a day, you can drive on a good road to visit the Achishkho ridge. There are plenty of beautiful lakes and beautiful Brothers waterfall, where two flows of water merge into one.

Then we rent a car again and drove further. There are a lot of beautiful sceneries and mountain panoramas on the road from Krasnaya Polyana to Adler along the Mzymta river. After driving about 6 km, we turned to the Maiden's Tears waterfall. Plenty of streams fall down from a cliff.

Our next destination was a countryside with the Holy Trinity Monastery and the Dragon's Mouth waterfall. The countryside was build about the Holy Trinity Monastery. Then we walked for a while to see the Psakho river that had made a deep gorge. Bushes of boxwood, ferns, and vines formed a roof for this natural tunnel.

Then we moved to the Dragon's Mouth waterfall. Getting closer to the Mouth of Dragon waterfall, you can see how a cave in the rock becomes an open mouth of a monster with giant stone-fangs

Another tourist attraction, Ashtyhskoe Gorge, is very close to Adler. There is a cave with traces of primitive people.

Машина напрокат для путешествия из «Розы Хутор»

Then we turned around and came back to Rosa Khutor.

Also, we took a tour around the Olympic facilities in Sochi. In the subtropics, great facilities were built for different kinds of winter sports.

Opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympiad were held at the Fischt Olympic Stadium. These days, it has been prepared for the best football players in the world who will arrive in Russia in 2018.

Competitions of skaters and ice dancers took place in the Iceberg Ice Palace. And hockey players had matches on the Shayba Ice Arena.

The Medal Square was a place of an announcement and rewarding winners.

We came to the Olympic Park in the afternoon and spent the whole day there to see the beauty of the musical fountain in the evening.

We were coming back to Rosa Khutor at night, so we were able to see the surrounding sceneries in the dark. Snow-capped peaks illuminated the surrounding landscapes and added a little magic in our journey.

Our next trip was in Hosty. At 20 km away, there are the Vorontsovskaya karst caves. Their total length is more than 11 km, and their vertical drop is 250 m.

Then we drove to the foot of the Akhun mountain. There is a relic grove, where we walked for a while and breathed the fresh air.

After the walk, we went to the waterfalls of the Sochi river and passed through the Matsestinsky viaduct.

The Sochi River is known for its waterfalls. The most beautiful of them is the Orechovy waterfall surrounded with hazel bushes. There is a cascade of waterfalls above it which is called Zmejka. After walking along these waterfalls, we had lunch at the local restaurant and drove back to Krasnaya Polyana.

Due to the rental car, we managed to see plenty of tourist attractions in Sochi for a short time. In Krasnaya Polyana, there’s entertainment to be found for all tastes.

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