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Maldives: rental boat instead of rental car

Maldives: rental boat instead of rental car

Traveling around Maldives by a rental boat. It's impossible to rent a car here, but you can travel by ferry. Also, you can take a taxi to explore the islands. However, there are only a few roads.

There are only a few rental companies and roads on the archipelago. You can walk around each island can on foot. You won't be able to rent a car but a boat.

General description

The Maldivian archipelago includes a lot of islands and atolls in the northern Indian Ocean. The population of the country work in tourist industry, go fishing and getting seafood.

Мальдивы: прокат авто…нет, лодки для отдыха

Local nature is great – warm sea, beautiful beaches, tall palms with coconuts. Also, there is bamboo, eucalyptus, and mangroves.

There are plenty of tropical fruits. There are a lot of pink bushes with different flowers.

On the islands, there is humid tropical climate without disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis. The temperature is +30 all year round.

Types of vacation

You can choose a nice hotel that depends on your preferences. Usually, there is only one hotel on each island. You can also stay at the bungalow-hotel buildings with its own beach.

Мальдивы: прокат авто…нет, лодки для отдыха

Also, there are a lot of interesting tourist attractions.

You can choose your favorite activity – fishing, diving, boat trips or water sports.

Main attractions of the Maldives

  • Sultan Park is the only green island in the Maldives capital, Male. Tourists can come here every day except Friday. Earlier, there was the palace of the Sultan. Its gardens were turned into a park;
  • The Hukuru mosque was built in 1856 by order of Sultan Ibrahim Iskander. Only Muslims can visit this place, and tourists must get a special permit for visiting;
  • Muliage Palace is opposite the Hukuru mosque. It was built in 1913 for the son of Sultan Shamsuddin III. Since the beginning of the 50s to the mid '90s, it was a residence of a president.
Мальдивы: прокат авто…нет, лодки для отдыха

Rental boats

There are a few roads on the islands, and it's better to take a taxi. There is no public transport. You can travel only by ferry. There are a few types of marine transport:

  • traditional dhoni – boats for 8-14 passengers with a few cabins;
  • modern boats with similar characteristics, but they are more comfortable. Sometimes, they can be used for fishing or diving;
  • boats for long cruises.

Other vehicles

Also, there are modern speedboats. You can reach distant islands by a seaplane. Some tours include trips by a seaplane. Moreover, some hotels can organize a trip like this.


Car rental isn’t able here, but we managed to travel by a traditional boat with a 2-berth cabin. You can dive, see a lot of different fish, and visit local attractions. Also, make sure to recommend this amazing place to your friends!

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