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Land Rover Range Rover test-drive

Land Rover Range Rover test-drive

The Range Rover is a crossover with a smooth motion and modern electronics which can move at a speed of 200km/h in 7 seconds.

Not any four-wheel-drive car has such a quiet smooth motion and a comfortable drive as the Land Rover Range Rover does. Also it’s easy to travel in it without a personal driver.

The new generation of the English crossover is worthy to be waiting for however some understand that several features will remain from the Evoque - its younger brother. And it’s actually true. If you only glance at the exterior of the vehicle you will notice immediately the accurate and proper body lines, so the designers of this exterior deserve the top mark.

Not taking into account that the renewed Range Rover became bigger and longer it doesn’t seem heavy and its strict lines fall from the stern to the front. If you take a better glance at the vehicle’s exterior you can notice a great resemblance with the “younger brother”. It has the similar taillights, shape of the roof and bonnet. Looking at the new Range Rover you can imagine the design of the next-gen vehicle -the Range Rover Sport.

It’s necessary to mention that the exterior hasn’t changed much, it is literally stuffed with a huge amount of different gadgets and electronic devices. It’s easier to find what it doesn’t have than to name everything that it does. It’s enough to underline that having the starting price about 4 mln roubles it’s equipped with everything that needs an average car enthusiast. And with additional functions the price can go up to 8 mln roubles. We had a test drive on the Range Rover Vogue SE but it had a practically full packaging. And for the gourmets the company created a special version – the Autobiography.

Not to overload the torpedo with a lot of buttons the producers installed a lot of control functions on a big sensor display which can divide into 2 parts: one half is for the driver and the second - for the front passenger. And for the passengers on the back seats there are monitors installed on the back side of the headrest. The 380Wt audio system guarantees high-quality sound in the car. So those who enjoy listening music will appreciate this audio system. The seats with heating and ventilation functions make your journey more comfortable. The driver and the first passenger are very lucky: their seats also are supplied with massage devices. This function can be very useful during a long trip.

The renewed Range Rover is supplied with 4 power plants for a choice: a six-cylinder 3L turbocharged diesel with 249 hp, an 8-speed turbo-diesel engine with 340 hp and a super powerful V8 with a turbocompressor with 510 hp. Not long ago the vehicle is available with a 3L and 340 hp LRV6. Certainly this automobile even with the “weakest” engine is quicker than any car because it can reach 200km/h speed in 7 seconds.

Our test-drive car had one of the most powerful diesel engines with 340hp. It really possesses a huge traction and pulls 2,6-tons construction as if it’s a plastic boat. And also during a dynamic driving this vehicle spends no more than 14L /100km. It’s very economical for such a big car. On top of everything else this quiet vehicle now has even better insulation. An improved suspension is supplied with a special system Terrain Response II. It can recognize any kind of a pavement and choose the optimal speed regime so the driver will feel comfortable even on a bad road with mounds and potholes.

To buy this car you must be ready to pay several millions. The maintenance of this “iron horse” will come at a price to any car owner because the after-sales service and the spares cost a lot. And you’d better not have any accidents! The Range Rover has a body made of aluminium which is, as well known, not a cheap one. Anyway, in our country the drivers like the Range Rover and respect it.

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