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Kia Picanto: car for beginners

Kia Picanto: car for beginners

Today, share of the compact cars in the Russian market is very small. And the Kia Picanto firmly fills the place in this niche.

If take into account 2011 the sales made up about 50 thousand cars and in 2014 – only 18 thousand. One can only imagine what figure will be in the crisis 2015.

But Kia experts state that the figure of car sales is not very important to them. This model has another important role. As it turned out, this compact car is the first car of 70% of buyers. Therefore the Picanto has very high standards - when the client gains experience he won’t be able to choose a more simple car. Because the firm slogan “Fully loaded” is created for reason. This car has a system of stabilization, access without the use of key, cruise control with limiter, wheel heating, curtain airbags, active head cushions and cushions for the knees.

It is clear that most indicated options will be only in expensive configurations but, as it was found out, this approach has its own profit. According to statistics, 70% of all Picanto auto models bought earlier were bought with an automatic gearbox and had an engine with the volume 1.2 liters in more expensive models.

For the Picanto there is sport styling which includes changed bumpers, radiator grill and wheel disks – in this configuration it has more noble appearance.

The Picanto has rightly developed interior of the saloon. It does not have hints on the childish elements, so the women-owners will not have complexes regarding their car. So, for example, in the twilight pleasant background light began to glow from under the front panel. Developers of the Kia joke about this: to prevent the girl from losing her mascara. But there is another variant when mascara will be lost in the numerous pockets and niches – there are plenty of them in the car and they have good capacity. The half of the central tunnel is a continuous shelf. The front panel is also changed a little. It has many silver edgings and other versions have optitronic configurations of the devices Supervision. Stereo system has also been renewed, now it can read the information from Apple devices and it has 500 mb memory. But at the same time it does not have good sound, it’s weak and flat.

Taking into account the price it could have had a multimedia screen with the rear camera, given that in Korea it's provided. And in the end we would like to tell about finish materials: interior seems fine only if you look at the car but not if you examine it visually and touch. You can see that everything is finished with hard plastic. On the sides of the central console there could be made soft patches on which right knee of the driver rubs constantly since the car is small and there is not so much place. But among the similar cars this car has the biggest amount of space in the saloon. If consider technical side, there are no particular changes: 106 h.p. engine with the volume of 1 liter.

No changes took place in four-cylinder engine with the volume 1.2 liters, the gearbox remained automatic 4-speed transmission A4CF0. And in the 1.0-litre engine due to the optimized geometry of the inlet collector draft possibilities increased: torque rim changed from 3000 to 4000 rev/min. The 5-speed mechanical gearbox was also finished, it has synchronizer of reverse gear thanks to which the mechanism turns on smoothly.

The personnel of Kia tell with assurance that in connection with car market contraction in general and “A” segment in particular, the share of the Picanto is increasing steadily: given that in 2011 it made up 11% and now even 25%. Since 2011 demand on this car has been decreasing a little, it happens not very evidently and intensively as in the whole market. Due to that the Kia Picanto has still been keeping its head above the water and it may be said that the rivals have already “drowned”. Very old-fashioned Daewoo Matiz is an exception, now it's the most available car on the Russian market. And other compact cars have high cost since they imported from abroad – the Pikanto is not an exception. There is no profit from production of this little kiddy. The majority of Russians do not need a car of such a type. And rather small number of people with European mentality think absolutely different.

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