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Kia Cerato

Kia Cerato

The New Kia Cerato — assembly of the top model has been launched. What is new besides its colour display on the dashboard and rear-view camera?

Despite the fact that the economic situation is not optimistic in Russia, Kia is still going well. This company is one of the leaders of the Russian market, and in Kaliningrad they have launched an assembly of the compact sedan Cerato. Let’s see if it is worth a million roubles.


The model Premium goes with a 150 mhp engine, 194 Nm. The price starts from 929 000 roubles. The transmission is automatic, 6-speed. It has front and rear parking sensors. It has front and rear LED lights, a rear-view camera, a colour display on the dashboard, a sound system with a USB port and Bluetooth. This model is equipped with keyless start/stop system.

The cabin is upholstered in cloth. But it is very comfortable. There is no sun roof and navigation. But there is a leather steering wheel and gear lever. A bit strange for a premium model.

Kia Cerato interior and exterior

The appearance of the Cerato is bright and unusual. The rear lights are nearly a masterpiece. Their lines are extremely recognizable, especially at night.

There are a few things in the interior that might disappoint you. Some details are controversial. For example, waves of plastic from the passenger’s side. Or inserts that look cheap. But ergonomics of the cabin is good. The steering wheel is nice to touch, the dashboard is informative, all buttons — in the right places. If the driver has something sticking out in his pocket (for example, a wallet), it might activate the seats to heat. The button is on the left of the lever.

The rear seats are quite spacious if you are not very tall. But the rear seats do not have any support. The luggage compartment is 482 litres. Not small.


You will like driving it. The 130-mhp model did not have good dynamics, the 150-mhp model with a 2.0-litre engine is much faster. Its engine consumes 95 petrol.

The suspension is not rigid and the sound insulation of the Cerato make driving comfortable. There is lurching when turning, not critical but tangible.

In general, the car is good and demand of Kia cars is not accidental.

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