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Which cars do have more problems? Rent and get to know

Which cars do have more problems? Rent and get to know

The rating of famous cars for their reliability and quality of running. The study was conducted by the credible TUV group. A champion of insecurity is the Renault Logan.

Buying a used car is always risky. Moreover, the potential risk depends not only on how well the previous owner had treated the car.

Some cars have their "childhood diseases". The problems may occur immediately or after a few years of driving. Therefore, it's important to know which brand or model is better to avoid even if it has an attractive appearance or reasonable price. The pedantic Germans put it all on the shelves to help us with this question. This study was conducted by the credible group TUV.

Leaders – 5-year-old cars

The first focus group consisted of 4-5 years old cars. Many motorists expected to see the elite models in first place, but the reality was a little different. The Mazda 3 took first place – only about 5.5% of its owners had to visit the service centres during its operation. If you want to rent Mazda 3, you can rely on this car for sure. The second place was taken by a quite expensive Porsche 911. Only 6 of the 100 owners needed help in the service centres. Moreover, the Volkswagen Polo, the Toyota iQ, and the Toyota Avensis joined the leaders in this group.

New and reliable cars

The Germans analysed new cars, too. The Mercedes-Benz SLK became the leader in the category of 2-3-year-old vehicles. Only 2.4% of the owners had to resort to the help of service centres during the first years of its operation. Hopefully, they didn't have to take the Renault for rent because the difference in comfort is strongly felt. The other two leaders, the Audi A6 and the Mercedes GLK, weren't very far behind.

Non-leaders – 2-3-year-old cars

We've already mentioned Renault. So, the Logan model became a champion of insecurity. We can't congratulation the company with such a "leadership". About 15% of its owners had difficulties with this car during the first years of operation. The Alfa Romeo MiTo and Fiat Panda took second place and third place from the bottom. The percentage of drivers who had to visit the service centres is the same for all three models.

The failure of the 4-5-year-old cars

In this category, the Fiat Doblo is the most unreliable car. Just think about this figure: every fourth owner of this Italian car was forced to send the car for serious repair. Surprisingly, the second place was also taken by a van, the Renault Kangoo. The figure of dissatisfied owners is about the same. What's wrong with this car?

However, compared to the Renault Laguna, these vans are much more reliable. The number of troubled 5-year-old Renault Laguna models is more than 33%.

You can make your own conclusions and analyse this information for yourself. We have a proposal to the TUV agency to split the rating on price categories. It's incorrect to compare the reliability of a car which costs $15,000 and a car which costs $150,000.

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