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Journey from Stockholm, Car Rental in Sweden

Journey from Stockholm, Car Rental in Sweden

Driving on the European road E04 allows you to combine business with pleasure

E04 is the main road in Sweden. It stretches fr om north to south along the coast, fr om the border with Finland to the ferry connecting Helsingborg with Helsingor.

The main road goes through almost all the major cities in Sweden, except four. The total length is 1590km. There are a lot of interesting sights to visit along the road. For example, the wonderful Kolmarden zoo, located on the bay 3 km from the highway. The distance to Stockholm is 143km.

In this zoo, you can observe wildlife from the trailer. There is a rope road under the sites wh ere animals live. You can see a dolphin show, ride a camel, visit exciting attractions. To see everything, you need a day.


Now, let’s talk about the five sights along the E04 which you must visit.

Motala Motor Museum

243 km from the capital of Sweden, exit the road on the 40th km and you will reach the exhibition of vintage cars, motorcycles and bicycles. It covers more than 2,000 sq.m. and has 240 unique vehicles total.

Памятники Стокгольма

The showpieces are changed from time to time – something new constantly arrives. This is one of the most visited museums working all year round in the country. There is a children's playground with small cars. You can also relax in a restaurant, cafe and hotel there.

Branehus Castle

The castle ruins are located 282 km from Stockholm. You can see them from the road. Behind them, there is a scenic view of the second largest lake in Sweden, Vättern. You can stop on the large parking lot on the opposite side of the track, with a comfortable relax area and a restaurant.

A pedestrian tunnel under the road leads to the ruins. From the window of the castle, you see breathtaking landscapes – the blue expanse of lakes, fields and meadows divided into neat colourful rectangles.

Building of the castle lasted from 1637 to 1650. The Young Per Brahe was building it for his wife. Alas, she died before it finished. Later, it hosted the Finnish governor’s guests. After a fire in 1708, the castle was ruined. Now its main advantage is a wonderful view from the windows.

Памятники Стокгольма

Husqvarna Indastrial Museum

Drive 319 km from Stockholm, exit from the E04 at the 8th km and you will reach Husqvarna. There is a museum of the same popular brand. Visitors can learn the two-century history of the factory and look at interesting exhibits.

The showpieces are products of the factory Husqvarna: not only chainsaws, motorcycles, but also weapon, bicycles, sewing machines, utensils, vintage cast iron kitchen and huge mechanisms. This museum is a real pleasure for the connoisseurs of antiques. The wonderful waterfall is next to the museum.

Smålandet Farm

At the 285th km, 2km away from the road, you get to the Smålandet farm. Kids would love this adventure. Buying a ticket, you can travel by your own car on asphalt tracks. Stopping anywhere, you can take pictures of animals which are not scared of people.


Helsingborg is a border city with Denmark. Initially, it was Danish, but became Swedish in 1658. Denmark tried to regain the occupied territories, but failed. In Helsingborg, you can visit towers of the old fortress, the town hall, the old town and the monument of Field Marshal Stenbock.

Driving on the highway E04 is a real pleasure: smooth surface, many road signs, beautiful forests and lakes along the way. You can admire the surroundings or stop to explore the most interesting places.

Tips on car rent in Sweden

  • You need an international driving license and insurance «Green Card»
  • Driver's age – over 21 years old
  • Average rental price – 50 SEK per day, 200 SEK per week
  • A driver and all passengers have to wear seat belts
  • Speed limits: In settlements – 30-50kmph; Outside settlements – 70kmph;On the highway – 110 kmph

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