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All-electric BMW i3: revolution of car rental

All-electric BMW i3: revolution of car rental

Here's a review of the BMW i3: – a modern and spacious car of the future. However, its driving performance isn't impressive. Handling is also poor. But this model has very attractive and unusual design.

Electric cars seemed like a fantasy. But now, they are a part of our lives. In developed countries, they are used everywhere from industry to taxi. And there are more electric cars on the car market these days.

BMW produced the BMW i3. Let's rent a car to draw our own conclusions.


The BMW i3 looks like a concept car. LED lights, unusual windows with a large area of glazing, black lacquered body, and two open sections instead of the rear doors will impress anyone. This is a car of the future. Due to the Bavarian car manufacturer, future has come today. You can see it and even buy it.


You can see the high technology in the cabin. It's cozy, spacious, and beautiful. There is an LCD panel with a speedometer and onboard computer instead of the dashboard. It looks unusual, but it’s readable at any time. Another 'tablet' is located above the center console. It's responsible for multimedia, a ​navigation system, and settings. Also, it displays information about the i3 electrical installation. The central tunnel isn't available that makes the cabin spacious.

The driver's seat isn't designed for active driving because there is no lateral support. However, it's very comfortable for any driver. but will be able to get behind the wheel of a person virtually any build. The rear seat is spacious, but only two passengers can fit there.

Technical characteristics

The BMWi3 has the following technical specifications:

  • a 170bhp electric motor (torque is 249 Nm). Battery is 18.8kW/h. The claimed power reserve is 190km;
  • 1-gear transmission;
  • a rear-wheel drive;
  • its weight is 1195kg;
  • it covers 0-100kmph in 7.2 seconds; top speed is 150kmph.

The car starts to move silently. Here are no jerks or vibrations. At the same time, accelerating dynamics is impressive. Acceleration is linear and avalanche. It seems that you play a computer simulator because the car accelerates immediately. The i3 slows down impressively because you don't have to use the brake pedal due to the 70-strong recovery system. At the moment you remove your foot from the accelerator pedal, the car quickly slows down. This is very convenient while driving in traffic. However, this car isn't for active driving. Firstly, accelerating dynamics significantly reduces while driving above 130kmph. Secondly, the battery rapidly discharges while driving at the top speed.

Handling is boring. This is not that BMW that we used to know. Although there is a rear-wheel drive, steering is insufficient. The car helplessly slides out in corners, and even if you manage to disrupt the car into a skid, the ESP stabilization system ESP will immediately change the situation. In general, you won't enjoy active driving although the ​steering is informative and sensitive on the standard mode. The level of driving comfort is low because of the stiff suspension. It's likely you'll feel even minor irregularities on roads.

The result of car rental service

Why do you need the BMW i3? Its driving performance isn’t impressive. Also, there is unusual design of the future and strange feeling while driving. It doesn’t those have driving habits and special aura that make the Bavarian cars famous. The i3 is a modern car, but it can be only a ‘toy car’ in your garage.

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