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Equatorial car rental in Ecuador

Equatorial car rental in Ecuador

We rented a car to travel to Ecuador and explore this unusual country. It has its own unique history, culture, and cuisine. However, despite the strict traffic rules, local drivers often break them.

This country located on the equator is called Ecuador. You can see local beautiful nature, especially impressive mountains and volcanoes.

Rules and car rental without a driver

Traffic rules in Ecuador are simple. Here are the main of them:

Экваториальная аренда в Эквадоре
  • speed limit in cities and other settlements – up to 50kmph; outside – 90kmph;
  • you can park anywhere where there are no signs or markings;
  • all passengers have to fasten their seat belts, and transporting kids is driver’s responsibility;
  • you have to use dipped headlights at night and when visibility is poor.

Despite the strict traffic rules, local drivers often break them.

You can rent a car in big cities and airports. Traveling to the Sierra mountainous will give you lots of impressions. On the way, you can enjoy about a dozen peaks that are almost 5,000 meters high.

Экваториальная аренда в Эквадоре

Tourist attractions

Ecuador is famous for its plantations of coffee, cocoa, and bananas. You can visit any or all of them. The most interesting place is a factory of preparing roses for export. Their production is measured in tons. There are no words to describe amazing smells on the factory.

We started our journey through the volcanic country from Quito and moved to Guayaquil. In Quito, there is a beautiful botanical garden that is worth visiting. There are covered galleries with paintings and painted wooden sculptures in local monasteries. The city is located on the slopes of an extinct volcano. Nearby, there is a monument of the equator.

Экваториальная аренда в Эквадоре

We first visited the Cotopaxi volcano that is about 6000 meters high. You can climb on its top to feel the warmth of our planet. Then we visited the highest peak in Ecuador – the extinct Chimborazo (6300 meters). The beauty of these peaks and local forests near Guayaquil is impressive. There are wide banana plantations in the Guayas River valley. They are the largest in the country. Make sure to visit at least one of them.

Rent a car without a driver to easily explore the country. Guayaquil is located near beautiful hills, and this place is amazing. A monument of fighters, Bolivar and San Marti, against Spanish rule looks stunning on the background of the sea. There is a theater center with a huge roof in the shape of a hemisphere. The church of Santo Domingo was built in 1640.

We came back to Quito on the western way in order to see unique nature of Ecuador.

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