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Inexpensive cars for summer

Inexpensive cars for summer

Renault Logan, Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Polo... What other cars are not very expensive now?

The trend of sales decline has been observed recently, and it led to the reduction of prices. Thus, a number of cars, which have become more available, can be singled out. The steep increase in prices was observed last year, so the car manufacturers decided to compensate it by means of special offers, which appeared recently. In April and May of this year some brands underwent price revision and special offers were prolonged for the cars in demand. Many presented the offers just for some cars, but somebody announced about the discounts for a whole number of cars.

Renault Logan

Base price for this car is 429 000 roubles, but if to take in consideration the offers, then it is 379 000 roubles. The prices for numerous budget models of this brand have slightly declined. In general the price reduction is from 3 to 6 %. The availability of additional discounts is provided for some models; everything depends on which model is bought. Reduction in cost of the Duster crossover is observed, which happened in February. Nowadays, it can be bought for 590 000 roubles.

Skoda Rapid

The price of the model is 559 000 roubles, and initial version with all the discounts can be bought for 459 000 roubles. The maximum discount for the car is 100 000 roubles, and it is available only in the case of program involvement. Without it the amount of the discount is only 60 000 roubles. Special conditions of discounts are available while purchasing the Octavia model, which has the engine 1.6 and manual gearbox. If to participate in special programs of utilization, then car can be bought for 745 000 roubles. When buying the Yeti, which has the 1. 6-litre engine, it is possible to save 80 000 roubles at least.

Volkswagen Polo

Base price for this model is 505 000 roubles, and the cost of the version with multiple discounts is 455 000 roubles. The company has reduced the prices for many grades of sedan and the amount of discount came out to 33 000 roubles. Base version started to cost 15 000 roubles less, while the most expensive has dropped 75 000 roubles in cost. We talk about the cars launched in 2015. But, when taking in consideration multiple programs of utilization, then the available discount will be up to 90 000 roubles, which will be provided in addition. Thus, the Polo can be bought just for 455 000 roubles.

Nissan X-trail

Base price this car is 1 099 000 roubles, but if to take in consideration all the discounts, then it can be bought for 999 000 roubles. The amount of discounts for a new car can reach 150 000 roubles depending on the chosen model. The biggest amounts of discounts are observed in the X-Trail, which has front drive control and manual gearbox. If to use special programs of utilization, then an additional discount can be held, the amount of which can be approximately up to 100 000 roubles. But if to buy a car with a petrol engine as well as with turbo diesel, then the amount of the discount will be high. If a client decides to make a choice for the X-Trail integral unit with the 2.5-litre engine, the amount of discount will reach 50 000 roubles.

Such offers are available also for a number of other cars, to which the Juke, the Qashqai are related. The first of them has dropped 47 000 roubles in cost, and the other - 53 000 roubles.

The offers have been applicable not only on the enumerated models. 10 cars, which have become more available for common people, have been included into the rating. The Citroen С4 Sedan can also be referred here, it has become available up to the sum of 100 000 roubles. Despite this, while using the programs, the customers are suggested additional discounts of considerable amounts. The Peugeot 408 is one more car, which has got its price substantially reduced by summer. The amount of discounts on it are from 90 000 roubles and more.

The Ford EcoSport takes the place of honour in the rating of the available cars. It was not much available earlier same as the Toyota RAV4. It is necessary to pay attention to such integral units as the Honda CR-V and the Volvo S60, because they are also on sale with impressive discount.

A lot of car brands had to reduce the prices by summer to stimulate the sales volume. For this reason everybody can buy a car at reduced price today.

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