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Identifying Infiniti brand

Identifying Infiniti brand

How did Infiniti start its way to success? Why do so many people choose Infiniti?

Some car brands have appeared as a marketing ploy not as a result of designers’ efforts. And they are produced for a particular purpose — to win a majority of customers. Sometimes it is better to have two brands under one company. Modern examples are Lexus and Toyota, Acura and Honda, Infiniti and Nissan.

These brands are in the same niche market and they have been competing since very first days. Acura appeared first. They did not even have to change Honda cars as Acura models copied them technically. All the differences were in the exterior and interior.

The same way was chosen by the largest car company of Japan. Toyota developed quickly first three models of Lexus for the USA. All of them were improved models of Toyota cars. It reduced the cost of design and development. But the USA did not demand a completely new car.

Nissan also decided not to lose its positions and copied the Japanese company. Infiniti appeared in the 80-s. Infiniti first made themselves known in the mid-1989 at the Detroit Auto Show. It was a full-size premium sedan, the Infiniti Q45. It should be said that a lot of money had been spent on the development of this car. The accent was on the fact that this car was available to everyone who has necessary means. Therefore, in the first year 51 dealer centres opened.

The first Infiniti did not sell well. For example, Lexus and Toyota cars sold more than twice. Those times Japanese brands did not reach the level of sales of American car makers. So what was the main reason for a prompt creation of the three new brands? They just needed a new name. Usual Toyota, Nissan and Honda were considered to be budget cars. And it would not have been the right decision to make premium cars under such brands. And the Japanese marketers solved this problem quickly. In hindsight, we can say this solution was right and well-calculated.

In 1993 the first sedan was restyled, the new coupe Infiniti M30 appeared. In the end it turned out that the sedan became the first and last development of Infiniti. All other models were created based on similar Nissan cars. For example, the copy of the widespread Terrano was the QX4. The Maxima was the copy of the I30. The Primera — the Infiniti G20. The changes were made to the interior (leather upholstery) and different small details to create comfort.

Infiniti’s success in the USA began in 1999 when the model I30 was recognized as the best car of the USA. In a few months the two companies would merge and form the Japanese-French automotive group Renault-Nissan. The head of the new merger became Carlos Ghosn — one of the best managers in the world.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, the interest in Nissan models had been falling gradually. Its sales in the USA went down. The situation changed after the launch of the new crossover FX in 2002. This model – was the most popular of all time. A small but very presentable SUV proved to be very popular. Every year its sales grew in Korea, China and other countries. At the same time dealer centres opened in every European country. In general, in 2000-s Infiniti won its way on the European market.

Nowadays Infiniti dealers in Russia offer eight models of cars. Three crossovers, two sedans, a coupe,a convertible and a SUV. They have a new system of model designation. The index Q means passenger cars. QX — crossovers. The numbers mean its size and class. Crossovers are sold best of all.

According to the statistics, the sales of Infiniti takes sixth place in the premium segment. Mercedes, BMW and Audi take first places. Its Japanese rival Lexus can compete as well. It sells twice more. Not long ago, the Lexus plant in St Petersburg closed because of demand decline.

The main buyers of Infiniti — people with money who are not satisfied with Mercedes and BMW cars, which you can meet quite often. That is why they need the same car but with a different appearance. As you meet Infiniti cars rarely, they are the best option. In addition, there are dealer and service centres in each city and its maintenance is easy as you can use the same spare parts as for Nissan cars.

Decrease in sales does not affect the image of the company. As Infiniti was originally planned as a small elite branch of Nissan. Nissan itself is still one of the leading in the world. It has been announced recently about the launch of the NEW Infiniti ESQ. This crossover is a luxury version of the Nissan Juke.

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