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Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson is equipped with better plastic, spacious interior and boot. The suspension is adjustable and handles well on road imperfections. You can rent and test it for yourself soon.

Recently, the Korean engineers have presented a new model called the Hyundai Tucson. If compare it with the predecessor, it is a step up and you will notice a few changes.

It has mainly to do with its outward dimensions. The car has become 65mm longer and 30mm wider. At this cost the interior space and boot have been increased. As for the height itself, it has not been changed.


The interior deserves particular attention. The engineers have taken a big step forward with quality materials. When you get inside, you realise that you are in a very spacious car: there is enough room for the driver and passengers. A little new thing is also more room above the head. Now even people of 180cm in height can hire this car.

Boot space rejoices in the first place. There's 500 litres on offer. Not all modern models can boast such a number. If you fold the back seats, it will swell to 600 litres. The tailgate can be opened by a simple touch to the lower part of the bumper.A special sensor reacts to the touch. It will also cause less troubles with uploading the stuff.

The dashboard comes with a touchscreen. It is easy to navigate and operate all the functions of the car. For instance, to volume music up or down, switch a radio station and adjust climate control. A large number of buttons and knobs allow to adjust air con and heating.


You can get a good 2.0-litre engine in the standard trim.It will be enough to feel yourself a s a king of the road. This power unit delivers more than 150bhp. Not a bad result, we should agree.

The Tucson offers adjustable supple suspension. The driver can adjust the stiffness to increase or decrease comfort. It is very useful on country roads. As for the torque, it produces more than 8000.


You can purchase this car at any official dealer. The price varies within 1.5 million roubles. The engineers claim the model will be popular all around the world. A good kit and a powerful engine will give you lots of pleasure from driving. Besides, you will be able to hire the Hyundai soon and see it for yourself.

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