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How Infiniti stepped in the future?

How Infiniti stepped in the future?

Electric power steering system without mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steered wheels, electronic brakeforce distribution, 6 air bags… What else?

Infiniti has decided to step forward and produced a unique car without mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steered wheels — the Infiniti Q50. Appropriateness of such a solution will become clear later. Examining the car we can say that it is a very good, even perfect hybrid car and the most powerful hybrid in the market.

All the further tests and review of the car have been made with a hybrid version, but it is worth noting that a petrol version is also presented in the domestic market.

Let’s look inside of the hybrid. It has two engines: a petrol engine V6, 3.5 litres, 302 mhp, 350 Nm and an electric engine 67 mhp and 290 Nm. It accelerates to 100 in 5.5 seconds.

Lithium-ion batteries are used to power the electric engine. There is a seven-speed automatic transmission. In Russia such a hybrid is presented with four-wheel drive.

The standard version of the hybrid has: mechanical power steering, and it is possible to install an adaptive steering system for extra pay, 6 air bags, brake force distribution, ABS, ESP, cruise control and other modern equipment.

A few words about the steer-by-wire system.Turning the steering wheel sends an electronic signal to the steering force actuator, which sends data to the electronic control unit, which forwards it to the steering angle actuator, which turns the wheels. There is no direct mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels (under normal conditions). If the prospect of eliminating a direct mechanical link seems a bit daunting, be assured there still is a redundant mechanical connection that will engage instantly and automatically in the event of primary system failure.

There are 5 modes: Standard, Sport, Eco, Snow and Personal. They are all different. It is shown in the character of steering.

The suspension on the front and rear wheels is different: the front wheels have double-wishbone and the rear have multi-link suspension. The standard model weighs 1.6 tons.

As for the price. The standard hybrid model costs 2.5 million roubles, the petrol model costs 1.5 million roubles. There is a more expensive hybrid with advanced configuration which costs 2 700 000. It has wooden inserts inside, parking assist, an automatic braking emergency system and a modern navigation system.

In general, people have positive impressions about this car. The car is comfortable, gorgeous and quite powerful. It is the best car of its class. Its nearest rivals, the Mercedes Benz C 300 CDI Hybrid and Lexus IS 300h, are inferior in many factors. Starting from the appearance and ending with the technical characteristics. The only disadvantage is its high price compared to the rivals but it is explained by its quality superiority.

In Russia the car appeared in April 2014 and took confidently its niche.

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