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Going around Turkey by Ford Scorpio

Going around Turkey by Ford Scorpio

Let us visit the St. Sofia’s Cathedral in Istanbul, swim in the Black Sea, have kebab and ayran for lunch

Some year ago we went on a family trip around Europe. We crossed Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Belorussia. We travelled 15000km by Ford Scorpio.

I would like to share my impressions on Turkey. The Turks are rather naive. There is no theft in the country. You can easily leave your car open in the street. Nobody will steal it. The safety is at a high level in the country. It may be because of the legal right for everyone to have a gun.

Every Turk is proud of the country. .

They are too communicative and easygoing towards the tourists.

It is pleasant to know that the civil servants really do their job and the army defends the land. Almost everything is allowed in Turkey. You can have a barbecue in the park free of charge.

Turkish is the national language. Some people speak Russian, but most of them speak English and German.

Twice a week you can take a ferry fr om Sochi to Trabzon. At the harbor station you can buy the ferry tickets and hire a car. You can pay rubles.

When you park the car on board, only the driver is allowed in the car. No passengers. The sailors look after the cars. You should turn the alarm off as it starts working during the storm.

Поездка в Турцию

The food on board is rather expensive, and you can pay dollars only.

As for the currency, the national one is Turkish lira. The exchange boxes are everywhere, but it is a problem to exchange rubles.

The petrol is expensive. The drivers usually take a full tank as the location of petrol stations is rather random. The next one can be only in 100km.

The roads are of high quality with clear road marking shining in the dark. There are a lot of mountain roads with sharp turns and steeps.

The highway speed limit is 120km\h. But there are hardly any policemen. All the roads are toll ones. Do not forget to take the keycard. The regulations are different fr om the Russian ones.

Most drivers use common sense while driving. The road signs are different as well. The sign with DURAK printed on it means a parking meter or a bus stop. The sign DUR means STOP.

Путешествие по Турции

The drivers like in Russia do not respect the pedestrians. But they are more polite towards each other. If your car breaks down, there will be someone to help you. The lack of parking meters in the centre of any city is a problem.

Most Turks use TOFAS, ESCORT and RENNO cars. You can seldom see the Mercedes or Volvo. Travelling by Ford Scorpio we did not see another one.

As for the police there is Traffic Police and Jandarmija. The policemen are hospitable and polite. They speak English quite well and do not take bribes. But a policeman’s word is enough to prove any of your illegal action. Moreover, they sometimes do not wear a uniform, nor introduce or show you the documents. They can ask you to stop just to check the documents and the trunk.

The sights are easily found thanks to the special road signs. Even an ordinary village is considered to be a landmark.

Собор святой Софии в Стамбуле

Visiting Turkey, you first of all should buy a guide-book and then go to Nemrud mountain, Istanbul, Van lake, Bitlis, Urfa, Ephesus and Konya. Turkey is washed by the Mediterranean, Black, Aegean and Marmara seas. The cleanest and most comfortable beaches are at the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

In Konya you can visit the mosque and see other relics.

In Urfa there is a holy site, the place of Abraham the prophet’s birth. There is a park with a pond where the holy carps live.

Mount Nemrut is a grave of Antiochus I surrounded by giant statues of Apollon.

In Antakia you can see beautiful fountains and palm trees and the church of St. Paul.

Ephesus dates back to antic times. There is the temple of Artemis or some pieces left.

Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey. A week is not enough to see all its sights. One of the most remarkable places is St. Sofia’s cathedral.

As for the shopping you can buy cheap souvenirs and goods in some shops of Trabzon, Istambul and Antakia wh ere Russian shuttle traders buy the goods. Other shops are more expensive.

Национальное турецкое блюдо — кебаб

As for the food, there are some places with signs like Russian borsch or Homemade lunches wh ere you can have some Russian meals. There are some McDonald’s restaurants serving some tea and coffee as well.

Kebab is a national meal of Turkey. You can buy it anywhere. The native prefer some salads, aubergines and tavuk. Alcohol is forbidden for muslims, so most people drink tea or airan, a sour-milk drink.

Turkish toilets are quite nice. Those for men are called BAY while for women are BAYAN.

People are rather religious. The main religion is Islam, so alcohol is forbidden, nobody steals. Women wear black clothes which cover the whole body. There are no girls wearing short skirts or men wearing shorts. Women go swimming in clothes as well.

You can come and look inside the mosque, but follow the rules. Men have to wear trousers and no shoes while there is a special room for women who have to cover the head and arms.

Турецкое побережье Черного моря

The local people prefer swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. The water temperature in August is 30-35C. The water is clean and salty. Nobody drowns.

Nature. On the Black sea shore the climate is subtropical. The central part of the country is mountainous. The south is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is hot and tropical.

We had a chance to watch the full solar shading while in Turkey. So our trip was rather nice and impressive.

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