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GAZ-21 Volga: classic car that's worth renting

GAZ-21 Volga: classic car that's worth renting

The review of the classic of the Soviet car industry, GAZ-21 Volga. We can see this rarity on the roads very seldom. However, it serves faithfully to its owner and works perfectly.

These days, you can buy many different cars that draw the attention of passers. However, the restored classics of the Soviet car industry cause the most bright and warm impressions.

Usually, we don't often see models that are worthy of real respect. Most of the time, their owners keep them in clean, warm, and dry garages. They drive these rarities only on weekends or for special events.

However, the model that we are testing is a basic car, so people drive it daily. This GAZ-21 impresses in its ideal state. Even after careful examination, we failed to reveal any cons. If you want to spend your weekend stylishly, renting such cars would be the best solution.

The car was produced in 1969, but it still looks new. The owner didn't change anything at all to preserve the original car's appearance. It's very difficult to find spare parts for the GAZ-21 these days, especially chrome elements and interior parts.


The interior is preserved in its original form. For this, we can say thanks to the owner of this retro car. Its original receiver is preserved, but the old filling had to be replaced with the modern. Therefore, a driver can listen to his favorite music from his smartphone while driving this legend of the Soviet car industry. Moreover, there is a good modern radio hidden in the glove box.

The cabin is spacious. The front classic sofa-seat looks very unusual. If you expand the front seat, the car will turn into a proper bed. It's very convenient for long trips. If you want to experience all the GAZ-21's benefits, rent a car for a day and help your dream come true.


This car behaves surprisingly well in traffic. The main thing is to get used to the gear lever that is located on the steering column. By the way, the factory package wasn't equipped with a right mirror. So, you have to drive more carefully always looking around. According to the owner, other cars often give way for his GAZ-21 – perhaps in deference to the rarity.

The suspension is quite primitive, so don't count on the sharp trajectory change. However, this running system easily overcomes almost all the irregularities. Moreover, it works very smoothly.

After minor design changes to the rear axle, the car can accelerate up to 110-130kmph. The unsynchronized first speed can add some inconvenience, but, eventually, you get used to the double clutch squeezing and other old driving techniques. However, you can start at a traffic light on par with most cars.

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