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Ford EcoSport – crossover for thrifty drivers

Ford EcoSport – crossover for thrifty drivers

The review of the inexpensive but powerful Ford EcoSport crossover. The soft and durable suspension ensures a comfortable journey in the city as outside. A spacious cabin can fit the entire company of travellers.

Due to the spacious cabin, bulky body, excellent performance and reasonable price, the Ford EcoSport is liked by many drivers.

Introduced in 2012, the updated version surpassed its predecessor in many ways. In Russia, the budget crossover was greeted so warmly that its production started in 2014. Those who haven’t yet acquainted with the Ford EcoSport should do it as soon as possible.

The cabin is spacious as in most other crossovers. Of course, buying a car of this price category, you shouldn’t expect the latest gadgets and expensive upholstery. However, this parquet SUV looks more than worthy against the background of its closest competitors. First, a 310 litres trunk (to get such modest space you have to move the spare wheel on the back door) looks like a mockery by the manufacturer. If you fold the rear seats, the volume increases to 1238 litres.

The low price is no reason to deprive yourself of comfort. Due to its soft suspension, passengers won’t notice most of the bumps. Heating seats and a good conditioner are available even in the basic package. There is an auxiliary heater among the options. It’s especially important in harsh environments.

Russian buyers are more interested in how sensitive the new model is to Russian roads. The EcoSport doesn’t give cause for concern. Its suspension is very durable, so it can endure long trips on any surface. The transmission and handling also won’t be a reason for frequent visits to the service centre.

The capacity of the 1.6-liter engine is 125bhp. It’s sufficient for dense city traffic, as well as for hard driving on highways. The fuel consumption is about 9 litres per 100km. The responsive handling makes travelling enjoyable.

Because of the lack of manufacturer’s attention to details, the car has some drawbacks. For example, there are no ceiling handles. Is it an engineers’ fault or just cost-cutting for the low-cost crossover? It’s still an open question. The rest demonstrates the perfect balance of performance, quality and price.

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