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First Vertical Parking Lots in Moscow

First Vertical Parking Lots in Moscow

New generation parking lots will appear in Moscow.

Mosmetrostroy proposed to build parking lots in unused tunnels formed by the construction of the Moscow Metro. If the proposal is approved, the first vertical parking lots will appear in Moscow soon.

The vertical parking lots will be first established in the tunnels which will be left after Volkhonka, Dorogomilovskaya and Pluschikha stations. Their presentation should be held in 2018-2020. Referring to the deputy head of the Moscow metro construction company, Mikhail Pankratov, m24.ru announced these opening dates for the stations.

As Pankratov said, the deep foundation replaced digging the ground which was used earlier to construct the stations. Now they are building one vertical tunnel to transport the equipment into the shaft. The construction is carried out only in the shaft. After completion nobody uses the tunnels. That’s where the new parking lots can be built.

According to the preliminary plan, to create a parking lot, the shaft should be about 10-11m in diameter and 85m in depth. The forklift will be the centre of the parking lot and parking spots will be at the edges. At the top there will be a 2.7m high construction for the arrival and departure of cars. The capacity of the parking lot is 86 cars.

Presumably, the construction of such a parking lot will cost 400,000,000 roubles from the city budget. The construction of parking spots can’t be launched earlier than 2015.

Previously, the Moscow government was planning to build 9-storey mechanized parking lots near the metro stations. In theory, it would combine 1,000 cars. The cost of building such a parking spot is about 300-350,000 roubles.

In addition, the Moscow government is going to build 90 next generation parking lots which can be used as air-raid shelters in emergencies. These parking lots might appear around the Moscow transport hubs soon.

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