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Extreme Traffic: Rules and Features of Winter Driving

Extreme Traffic: Rules and Features of Winter Driving

Replacing the air filter in the cabin, polishing headlights, driving training... How to make winter driving safer?

When winter comes, the risk to have an accident significantly increases. To reduce danger, you have to prepare yourself and your car to drive on slippery urban roads with heavy traffic. In this article you will learn the opinions of professional drivers about the rules of winter driving.

Road Overview and Good Visibility

A good view fr om the car is one of the most important factors. To achieve it, replace the cabin air filter to provide a suitable microclimate inside. Also, the windows won’t fog up. It’s necessary to replace the wiper blades in a timely fashion. The worn out blades can’t properly remove dirt fr om the windshield, that might impair visibility. The washer fluid should be high quality to withstand temperatures below –30 degrees.

The visibility should not only be clear from inside, but also from the outside. You need to polish the glass headlights to increase its brightness. Also, there should be good traction on the road, i.e. you need winter tyres. The brakes and suspension should be in good condition too. When all of this is checked, start practising your driving skills.

What Should You Learn?

Training is the key to success. To drive well you need a lot of practice. There is no concept “I drive badly” in driving – you either drive or not. If you don’t have enough practice, it’s better not to drive in winter at all. Otherwise, you might not be able to respond to a dangerous situation correctly and on time. Remember, it’s not only about your life, but also others’. Therefore, it’s better to find a place to practise extreme winter driving without endangering anyone. You can hire a special instructor who will teach you the right way to get out of drifts, braking and turning. However, even these lessons are not enough. You have to overlearn all these actions to perform them on a subconscious level.

Bridges – Greatest Danger

Bridges are a high-risk area wh ere even the perfect surface may not save you. You have to double (even triple) your concentration and attention on such areas.

It’s important to keep a safe distance between vehicles, drive with the correct speed and take into account that the braking distance is longer than on normal roads. The majority of accidents occurs because of the undue confidence of inexperienced driver (except the case of drunk driving).

On dangerous roads, be careful because any negligence can lead to dire consequences. It’s important to drive with the speed that corresponds to the weather conditions because you might need to brake suddenly. In winter the proverb "slow and steady wins the race" is relevant than ever.

Remember that experience is important in driving. Learn the difference between situations wh ere you need to slow down or accelerate to avoid any accident.

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