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Driving around Italy

Driving around Italy

Driving to Italy through Europe is a chance to compare the Italian seas, to walk in the rain in San Marino and to enjoy the view of the Lining Tower of Pisa...

Italy is a country in the south of Europe bordering with France in the north-west and Switzerland and Austria in the north. The country is famous for its delicious wine, amazing art and wonderful resorts. It is a perfect place to go by car. You will surely be impressed by the holiday spent in Italy. You will keep the impressions in mind and share your emotions with friends telling them about the landmarks of the northern Italy, especially those located in Toscana and Emilia-Romagna.

People living in Saint Petersburg can take the following route: Saint Petersburg – Finland – Sweden – Germany – Apennine Peninsula and back: Germany – Sweden – Finland. This trip will give you lots of impressions. You can as well go by ferry and sailing, sleeping and eating at night and getting impressions in the day.

We stayed up in some caravan sites to have more time to go sightseeing. It saves a lot of time as you do not have to put up tents, but you spend more on petrol and toll roads.

Comparing the Mediterranean and the Adriatic seas we may say that the number of sights around Ravenna is enough or you may choose the Mediterranean sea.

This time minimizing the distance we took a 4pm ferry from Malmo to Travemunde and arriving at 1 am we went around autobahns in Germany to the city of Fussen (880 km). it is widely known that the roads are free at night and the ferry fee is cheaper. And you save a lot of time. The journey back took three night ferries including the time spent on shopping.

A couple of words about European roads

In Finland and Sweden everything was fine. There were no traffic jams and we drove fast and free. In Germany we faced the problem of road works, jams and even had to waste two hours in the autobahn because of a car crash. In Italy we had to spend a lot on toll roads.


During the journey we found out that it is not always nice and sunny in Italy. We were strolling around San Marino in the rain and the temperature was about 15C. Anyway we were lucky to catch some sunlight. On the last day at the Adriatic sea we were thrown by cones and soaking wet because of the shower. By the way, cones in Italy are much bigger than in Russia. The Mediterranean Sea seemed to be warmer, but it was raining in Pisa too. So, the nature is full of surprise.

The long-term memories

Germany seemed to be everlasting. Everything was disciplined and well organized. To go fishing in the German lake you have to take a training course and get a certificate allowing to fish. German are patient, so they keep calm in the traffic jams and nobody breaks the rules.

In Italy it seemed that everybody drove according to his own regulations. The parking lots are quite confusing. On the whole southern people are rather impulsive and hot-tempered.

But, to sum up, you will enjoy the trip choosing this route!

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