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Driving around France. Tips on car hire

Driving around France. Tips on car hire

There are different routes and aims for visiting France. You can combine excursions with sea holidays.

First we go to Marseille and to the south-east of France. In the city of the Count of Monte Cristo there are lots of landmarks starting with Chateau d’If and including the cathedral with the bells ringing, the Abbey of St. Victor built in Vth century and the palaces.

Fr om the narrow streets of the city it is nice to get to the sea. You can drive to Calanques. There are white rocks and warm azure sea . they are worth spending a day. Our next stop is the Gorges du Verdon. There are some more rocks and azure water. But it is mountainous and will take a day to drive over it. The next one will be spent in the Valensole with its lavender fields.

The last stop is Camargue National Park. You can see flamingoes, herons and other marshy birds. It is as well famous for its white horses. There are some sunflower fields along the road. They are associated with Harlem and Van Gogh.

Coming back to Marseille you can go shopping.

На авто по Франции

One more route to go is fr om South to North, from Provence to Normandy. You will see the diversity of France. The first step is Avignon with the Pope’s Palace. There is a train station in front of it. You can get on and go through the town and finish your day there on the Observation wheel at night. Next you can go either to west (Baurdaux-Angouleme- Orleans-Rouen) or to the east (Lion- Dijon-Reims –Rouen)

Both of them are nice to choose:

  • the western route goes to Cgnac from Baurdaux;
  • the eastern one goes trough Bourgogne and Champagne.

From Cognac it is a nice idea to go to Angouleme, the place of Dukes d’Orleans. The cathedral and the castle are seen far from the city. Going to the North from the city you will get to the Loire river wh ere you will be able to visit some more castles. Going along the river you will reach the Orleans. In the Amboise castle there are the remains of the greatest Leonardo da Vinci.

На авто по Франции

Orleans which used to be destroyed even by Julius Caesar is associated with Joan of Arc to us. There is a museum devoted to her and the house she lived in. The main landmark is the cathedral.

From Orleans you will take the rout to Rouen, but if you want to get a chance to see the manor of Claude Monet, you will have to turn to Giverny.

On the eastern route the next stop will be Lyon. He main landmarks are St.John’s Cathedral and Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, not far from which there is the circus built at the time of Tiberius, the emperor. There are some modern quite famous constructions there too. They include the Aquarium, the Opera House and the Fourvierre metal tower. Then we go to the capital of Burgundy which is absolutely beautiful. There are beautiful streets and Dukes’ palaces.

На авто по Франции

Reims is the city crowned all the rulers of France. It is a must to visit the Cathedral , the palace of Tau , basilica and the Abbey of St. Remi. There were the ceremonies of coronation.

And here we are in Rouen, the town wh ere Joan of Arc was burnt. However, there are some other landmarks like cathedrals, towers, one of which was long considered to be the highest in the world. It luckily survived the air bomb attack.

How to hire a car

  • You can book the car through the Internet and get it after showing your driving license and a credit card.
  • You have to be no younger than 21 (in some cases 23).
  • Check the availability of alcohol detector. 0.5 per mille are allowed in France.
  • You need to have the breakdown triangle and the high-visibility vest.
  • The speed limits are: inhabited areas – 50km\h; out of them – 90km\h; highways – 110km\h; freeways – 80km\h - 130km\h.
  • If the visibility is bad, you have to use the dipped headlights. You have to use them in the tunnels.
  • Children have to be in special seats and they are not allowed in front seats until they are ten.
  • You are not allowed to stop on the side of the highway and motorway, only in special places marked by road signs.

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