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Drive around New Zealand in your hired car

Drive around New Zealand in your hired car

New Zealand is no question worth seeing and you can easily do it by hiring a car, but there is some information to remember...Tips on car rental

New Zealand today is a picturesque place with beautiful landscapes which is widely known as an ecological place to visit. It is a unique conservancy area without any sign of civilization. Islanders mostly live on the two largest islands separated by the Cook Strait and small nearby islands.

The capital of the country, the city of Wellington, and other large cities are on the North Island. There is quite a number of volcanoes, geysers and thermal springs. The mountain tops on the South Island are covered with snow. On the whole, the climate is mild and warm. The wildlife is rich and the sea is calm. It is quite interesting to know that in the north (unlike the south) of the country the temperature in winter is almost the same as in summer. So, you can enjoy yourselves any time of the year.

Новозеландские острова

This picturesque country has long been isolated fr om the rest of the world. That is the reason why we still can enjoy the variety of plants and animals. Most of them are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Moreover, these animals are harmless for people. The only poisonous creature is an endangered red-back spider. So, New Zealand attracts lots of tourists fr om all over the world who prefer active nature holidays to noisy metropolitan cities. They cannot help admiring the abundant variety of birds. It is no surprise that the symbol of the country is the tiny kiwi bird. The only mammals inhabited the land before the appearance of people were bats.

Зеркальные озера Новой Зеландии

It is important that the protection of the wildlife is a matter of priority for the government and it leads to the development of tourism. Lots of people from the cold winter countries can relax and enjoy the number of wonderful New Zealand beaches and can feel safe and sound because of the high service level and hospitality in hotels, restaurants and everywhere. It is quite typical because the government and the private business tend to elicit the potential of tourism and make a lot of effort to fulfil it. You can easily see how the wind is blowing by coming here for your holiday. The combination of the intact nature and the high-quality service will make your holiday unforgettable.

How to hire a car in New Zealand

The North and the South Islands of New Zealand are worth visiting and you can easily do it by hiring a car. However, you should keep in mind that you have to change the car while changing the islands. It is forbidden to ship the car by ferry. To hire the car for a one-way route you have to find the car rental providing such service. They usually do it at extra charge.

  • To hire a car you need to have an international driving license and be at least 21 years of age.
  • The hire starts from 60NZD (around 2600 rubles). If you hire a car for at least three weeks, the hire is twice cheaper.
  • Your driving experience has to be not less than a year.
  • Your age depends on the car you are going to hire. In most cases you can hire a car if you are 21, but you will have to pay extra money if you are younger than 25.
  • New Zealand is a country with left driving. Most motorways apart from rural roads have quality road carpets.
  • Speed lim it. In the Residential quarters you can drive not faster than 50 km/h and out of them not more than 100km/h. Be careful with left driving and don’t forget to fasten the seatbelt.
  • There are only two toll roads in New Zealand between Orewa and Puhoi

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