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Cheap car rental to travel to Cyprus

Cheap car rental to travel to Cyprus

Traveling around Cyprus by rental car. It's the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea. Every tourist would be happy to visit this romantic island.

Due to the good climate on the island, you can enjoy traveling, sunbathing, and swimming on local beaches.

Rental car without a driver

It's really easy to rent a car in Cyprus. You need to present:

  • driver's licence and passport;
  • credit card with enough funds for a deposit.

Rental prices are quite acceptable, and, moreover, they are less on the Turkish part of the island than on the Greek part.

Дешевый прокат авто для поездок по Кипру

Roads and rules in Cyprus

There are following speed limits:

  • in the city – up to 50kmph;
  • outside the city – up to 80kmph;
  • on highways – 110kmph (but not less than 65kmph).

In Cyprus, you have to drive on the left. However, local roads aren't crowded, and drivers are very friendly. So, you won't have any problem while driving at all.

After renting a car in Limassol, we drove to Troodos Mountains. Their peaks reach almost 2 km in height, and the mountains are close to the coast. You can enjoy beautiful mountainous views and bright green oak forests. There are plenty of lakes and reservoirs in the small valleys.

The Emperor Alexius Comnenus founded the Kykkos Monastery in the IX century. The miraculous icon of the Mother of Go, which was created by the Apostle Luke, is held here for 900 years.

The monastery of the XIV century is located closer to Platres. The Icon of Our Lady Trooditissa is kept here. A lot of pilgrims constantly come to the monastery.

Дешевый прокат авто для поездок по Кипру

Then we moved to Larnaca to visit the church of St. Lazarus, where he lived and became a bishop after the expulsion of Jews. The church was built in the в IX-X centuries over his tomb.

We left the city and drove to the east, towards the local national park. After walking around the park, we moved to visit the Cape Greco. There is a small church rising above the sea. This place will definitely make you feel calm and peace.

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Larnaca, where you can sunbath or swim in the Mediterranean Sea. The most famous of them is the Blue Lagoon, which received its name because the colour of the water. Not far from the beaches, there are waterlogged caves. You can explore them safely. Also, make sure to visit the Nissi Beach near Larnaca.

Of course, we stopped to visit the pirate caves where pirates and smugglers had hidden and kept their loot.

After visiting the caves, we moved to the western part of the island. There is the rock of Aphrodite near Limassol. This beautiful goddess appeared from the sea foam of this part of the coast. Then we drove to Paphos. It's famous for the catacombs of St. Solomoni. The entrance is marked with an old pistachio tree.

Дешевый прокат авто для поездок по Кипру

The fortress of the city was founded by Alexander the Great. Using it, he closed access to the Gulf coast. These days, the Aphrodite Festival takes place there. Also, there is a large archaeological area of Kato Paphos. It covers the entire city, which was there in ancient times. On the floors of churches, there are mosaics which have been taken under the protection by UNESCO.

After visiting Paphos, we drove to the national park of the Akamas peninsula. Its main attraction is a secluded grotto, where you can relax after a long trip listening to birds. This is Aphrodite's bathing, therefore, no one can swim here.

This national park is a great place for traveling. You can see beaches and mountain sceneries. Moreover, you can find a place for relaxation for any taste: on the beach, under the shade of branches or in the valley of the river.

After returning from the national park in Paphos, we visited the church of St. George. It's located on the beach over a high cliff. There is an observation deck to enjoy views of the coast, local villages, and ships.

Finally, we came back to Limassol. There is Kolossi castle, which is famous for Richard the Lionheart, Crusaders, and Knights of the Order of Malta. We returned the car, checked cheap rental prices one more time, walked around the old city, and visited local waterfront. We spent our last evening in Cyprus having dinner in the restaurant and enjoy the sunset over the sea.

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