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Low rental price for traveling around the Black Sea coast

Low rental price for traveling around the Black Sea coast

The journey by rental car through the cities of the Black Sea coast. In Soviet times, it was a very popular destination. These days, Russian tourists go to the Black sea for a tan, health and adventures.

The Black Sea coast from Gelendzhik to Tuapse is a beautiful place in the Krasnodar region with a delightful climate, similar to the Mediterranean, and a lot of different resorts.

You can drive by rental car around all the cities of Stavropol and along the coast.

Economy class car rental

Renting a budget car in Stavropol is easy. There are a lot of car rental companies in the city. The paperwork is quite simple. You need:

  • passport and driver licence confirming your age and driving experience;
  • credit card, but you can also pay by cash.
Дешевая аренда авто для поездки к Черному морю

Stavropol is a relatively new city, so there are no attractions related to any historical events or any famous people. However, A. Suvorov was connected to its foundation. Stavropol is one of the most prosperous cities in Russia. You will notice this walking on its wide streets and big squares. There is one of the largest parks in the region. After walking there, we rented a car in the morning and went to the sea.

Traffic rules and manners on roads

Planning a long trip, you should remember not to respond to the rude behaviour of local drivers. Don’t forget to follow the speed limits:

  • in the city – 60kmph;
  • outside the city – 80kmph;
  • on the highways – 110kmph.

Then we moved to Armavir without rushing. The landscapes were quite monotonous. In the evening, we walked around the city park and saw a beautifully illuminated fountain. We stopped for one night at the hotel to move to Krasnodar the next morning.

The Red (Beautiful) street is the main street in the capital of the Kuban region. Walking, you can see the monument of Catherine II, The Arc de Triomphe and a remarkable monument of dogs in love. You can come back here in the evening and enjoy the singing fountain.

There are a few architectural masterpieces: The St. George's Church, The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the recently built Church of the Nativity.

From Krasnodar we moved towards the mountains. There was the Hot Key spa resort on the way. We took a few spa treatments, collected some water (takeaway prices were reasonable) and kept moving to the coast.

Дешевая аренда авто для поездки к Черному морю

You can rent a car for a single day, drive from Krasnodar to local resorts and return on the same day.

The first resort that we visited was Dzhubga with wide sandy and pebble beaches. You can climb the Hedgehog Hill and walk near the Colonel Waterfall.

Our next stop was Arkhipo-Osipovka. According to experts in tourism, the climate here is similar to Nice. There are dense coniferous forests on the mountain range that protects the resort from the northerly winds. There are also a few beaches with different water entertainment and a cycle route.

Then we moved to Praskoveevka that is considered the most "uncivilised" resort of the Black Sea coast. The resort is 4 km from the sea among the forests of relict Pitsunda pines. We easily took a few trips to the local beach by rental car.

The small river valley forms a long beach where the water is easily accessible. There are almost no tourists. Staying at Praskoveevka, you can visit the Big Blue Hole. The local horse riding club offers trips to the holy springs and the Devil's Heart. Don't forget to enjoy the view of the coastal strip and the Sail Rock from a boat!

The next resort that we visited was Dzhanhot. There are beaches with the same smell of the sea and the Pitsunda pines. This resort is famous for the cottage of the writer V. Korolenko. He used to come here every year.

In contrast to Praskoveevka, Dzhanhot is a more developed resort. There are much more tourists. The sea near the coast is so deep that makes this place attractive for diving.

Дешевая аренда авто для поездки к Черному морю

The main resorts of the Black Sea coast (Divnomorskoe, Gelendzhik, and Kabardinka) start after Dzhanhot. However, they aren’t very interesting because of their overpopulation. We also visited Novorossiysk. A serpentine road through the ​St. Andrew's pass offers an excellent​ view of the Tsemess Bay, port, and the local marine station.

After passing the town, we visited the famous factory in Abrau-Durso, swam and sunbathed on the beach.

We returned the car in Novorossiysk, got to know the rental price (taking into account the way back) and finished our journey.

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