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Citroen DS3: compact car for hire

Citroen DS3: compact car for hire

The review of the Citroen DS3 – excellent design and good manoeuvrability. Female drivers will like this car due to its compact body and beautiful appearance. Moreover, the updated DS has a leather interior and soft plastics on the dashboard.

Traditionally, small cars are considered for women. This belief has no basis in reality because the filling of these cars is the envy of any sport car.

The Citroen DS3A is a good example of this. The DS3 looks very stylish and very compact at the same time. Female drivers will especially like it. Hire the Citroen and verify this for yourself. The weight of the car is 1,200 kg; the maximum torque is 240Nm. The engine can output 150bhp. The brand and characteristics of the engine are similar to those which are installed in the Mini. We should also mention the packages with a manual transmission and a turbo engine. Fancy that people drive this car in the city – its place is on a racetrack.

The stiff suspension corresponds to the sporty character of the DS3 and provides great manoeuvrability and traction. Its excellent handling complements the impressions of the car. However, driving on rough roads is dynamic and exciting, it's not comfortable. Moreover, the car is equipped with pretty solid seats.

There are no complaints about the transmission’s work. A course of the lever is smooth, so you hardly can make a mistake while switching gears. On the other hand, the switching is insufficiently soft, and the clutch pedal is hard.

The interior design is attractive, too. Fortunately, functionality and practicality were not sacrificed for the beautiful appearance. However, the control elements may not seem very comfortable for drivers whose hands are pretty big.

The driver's seat and front passenger seat are well suitable both for a short person and an overweight person. However, there is almost no place for the rear passengers. So, we can hardly recommend the DS3 as a family car or a car for trips with a big company. Also, the trunk is tiny – just 280 litres.

In general, driving the Citroen DS3 leaves only positive impressions. Its design will undoubtedly impress women, and its dynamic character will win the heart of any men. However, Russian dealers mainly orient to female buyers, so cars with a manual transmission and a turbo engine are not sold. You can only console yourself with the fact that driving the DS3 at the high speeds on bad Russian roads doesn’t deliver any pleasure. It’s better to hire Citroen Berlingo because the van will be more suitable for such poor road surfaces.

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