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Futuristic electric Chevrolet Volt for rent soon

Futuristic electric Chevrolet Volt for rent soon

The Chevrolet Volt: a futuristic appearance, hybrid engine and high build quality. The advantage of the electric car is its economy. However, the limited battery capacity is its main drawback.

In recent decades, various experts regularly predicted widespread rejection of traditional internal combustion engines and the victory of electricity over flammable fuel.

However, unlucky prophets and different concepts sunk into oblivion first. The situation started changing not long ago. Everyone has a chance to understand whether the electric vehicles have prospects by testing the Chevrolet Volt.

Designers of cars of the future often distract the present realities in which the creations usually can’t find their place. However, the Volt is all right in this respect. It successfully combines the firm features of Chevrolet and its own unique style. Renting «Chevrolet cars allows you to experience this in person.

Despite being five years old, the cabin looks stylish and modern. However, the comfort of the rear passengers was «sacrificed» for high aerodynamics. The number of seats was reduced from three to two because of the battery in the shape of a huge T.

Its engine is powered by electricity. The torque is 370 Nm. It covers 0-50kmph in 3.1 seconds. The battery charge lasts for 75 km, afterwards it charges by the petrol engine-generator. The tank is 35 litres. This way, you can drive for about 700km.

The power unit can operate in four modes which provide different ratios of participation of electric and petrol engines. It depends on the load and battery charge level. In any case, their work is hardly audible. You can guess which mode is connected only by the on-board computer.

The maximum speed is 160kmph. There are three modes: Normal, Sport and Mountain. The first two modes differ by its dynamics of dispersal. The third mode must be activated about 15 minutes before a steep climb to give an extra charge to the battery.

The electric car is perfectly manageable, but its stability can shatter your nerves, especially on rough surfaces. The stabilisation system partly helps to cope with this. The right choice of tyres will also add confidence to the Volt on the road.

The prospects for electric cars and hybrids look hazy. The question of recycling the end-of-age batteries isn’t resolved yet. Moreover, the spare parts are often available only on request. However, the establishment of appropriate infrastructure won’t take long. The Chevrolet Volt is an excellent opportunity to begin solving this problem. Meanwhile, renting Chevrolet cars, you can enjoy the present.

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