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Car rental in Italy or operation “cabriolet”

Car rental in Italy or operation “cabriolet”

Our friendly company decided to spend May holidays 2014 in Italy: rent a car and off we go!

Our friendly company of 8 people decided to spend May holidays in Italy (31.04-10.05). We bought package holidays to Rimini and got our visas.

And here we are in Italy. The spring sun was warming and inviting smells of pizza, pasta, wine and seashells fr om the Ionian sea were everywhere. First three days we spend making a careful study of local cuisine, beaches and historical centre of the city.

Should say that our plans were quite grandiose, we planned a big journey around Emilia-Romagna and Toscana by rented cars. Before the journey I and my friend had searched all websites on car rentals and he chose SIXT company, office of which was situated 15-minute walk fr om our hotel, and the FIAT 500. Should say that Italian people are very strange concerning the names of cars as types of the FIAT 500 are probably around 500 if not more starting with tiny carsof 50s and ending with modern 7-seater minivans. That was the minivan my friend got.

взять кабриолет в аренду в Италии

My needs for a rented car were much more difficult – I needed a cabriolet…any cabriolet…preferrably an old one… the BMW 325 Cabrio, BMW Z3 Roadster or something like that. Nothing was found on car rental websites. So I decided to sort out this problem right there.

Right there, as usual, we resorted to the help of hotel staff who recommended a small local rental company saying that there we would find anything we needed. I was so elated, but when I saw what they’d meant, of course, I was extremely disappointed. There were bycicles with a cab.

I would probably manage 30 per day, but we were to make a journey to Venice via Rovenna and it’s 255 km… Continued searching and got to AVIS. They let me down there as well saying that cabriolets are not available in spring, so I had to rent the Nissan Juke for about 40 euros per day.

в Италии аренда автомобиля Nissan Juke стоит примерно 40 евро в день

We loaded our luggage and set off to Rovenna. What can I say,Emilii-Romagna is a boring plain and, generally, it wasn’t interesting to drive around it. Having walked around Rovenna for an hour and having looked at local sights, we moved to Venice.

What is interesting – you can’t drive into Venice by a rented car. For this reason local authorities have built some comfortable parking lots outside. A parking lot costs 25 euros per day – a standard price for Europe. All car parks are located near river trams. If you know the way, in half an hour you might sit on the Piazza San Marco drinking coffee and eating delicious panna cotta and listen to live music. Next day we stroll around Venice, sailed on gondola and dined in a small café on the canal.

Then we drove to the countryside by our rented cars, namely, to Lake Garda. We stopped off near Sirmione. Rented bicycles and rode looking round sightseeings, Grotto of Catullus,which amazes with ancient Roman architecture and stunning views of Lake Garda and the foothills of the Italian Alps.

Next day our route led to Verona – I had never seen such a beautiful town. There is the Roman theatre in the very centre, wh ere concerts of classical and modern music are held – feel yourself like an ancient Roman. You’d better not drive into the centre, the streets are narrow, there too many pedestrian zones and a massive problem with parking, to be precise, with the absence of them.

When you rent a car in Italy or in Europe,it is also important to ask for a navigator because it’s quite difficult to read maps and not very convenient, you have to stop and check with themap all the time. You should also download Google maps or any other app on your tab or smartphone. The problem is that maps,which rental companies provide you with, are less than perfect. When selecting a city, street or house number, you might not find them on the navigator, and you might go to some village with the same name by accident.

In Modena we bought Modena vinegar with different flavours – strawberry, raspberry, truffle; in Parma – parmesan and prosciutto; in Pisa we took some pictures of the tower, and stayed for a night in Lucca. Had a busy day :)

This was Tuscany. Once we were in this region of wine, castles and green hills, we immediately wanted to get off the car - have a rest from a long journey, stroll round vineyards and orange groves, leave our rented cars and lie in the sun. All these we got at the Castello di Gabbiano. It is a boutique hotel. This medieval castle has seen many owners in its history and the current owners bought two dozens of vineyards in the area, restored this old castle, arranged the production of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese wines. We were probably the first Russians there since to buy a bottle of old Gabbiano you have to take it and write down your room number and a number of bottles you take on the note nearby) 2 relaxing days were over. Our rented cars were waiting for us.

Our last destination was Florence wh ere we spent a night. It is a very beautiful city with cathedrals made of white and pink marble.

We decided to go back to Rimini not on the autobahn, which are really good in Italy, but on the mountain road. It is great to drive a car there, especially a cabriolet, the views are stunning. We arrived in Rimini at 1 o’clock and it turned out we had been late to return our rented cars. Their rules are very strict…you either drive till the end of the day or pay a fine and return your rented car .

We thought a little and decided to drive to San Marino, it’s 20 km from Rimini. And it paid off- this place is gorgeous. We left our rented cars in the paid car park and climbed the top of the mountain. There was a beautiful castle, which you can enter, you can climb up the top and take great pictures.

Travel around Italy by a rented car and you will get positive impressions.

To be continued: next article Germany - the Czech republic by a cabriolet!

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