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BMW Z4, Ahead of its Time

BMW Z4, Ahead of its Time

Every day we see so many new cars on the roads. We don't look at them for long, but the BMW Z4 E86 constantly attracts all the glances.

This small and low car draws the attention of many pedestrians and drivers. Its length is less than 4 meters. The ribbed surface of the body generates a lot of discussion about the design. The manufactures sought to create not only a coupe sports car, but also the most exclusive car. And they did it! The fins provide the beauty and uniqueness of the Z4. So, what's inside the car?

Getting in the car, you should take off your outer clothes because wearing it in such a small space is uncomfortable. You can put the clothes in the large trunk – 300litres. Such trunk's size for this car is a luxury. You can also put bags there, because there is no place inside the car – no rear seats and shelves either.

Next, be careful with the low-set floor and a high threshold. Before getting in the car, slightly stretch not to harm your body. On other hand, the higher threshold allows to open the door safely, even near tall curbs. It would easily pass over them without hitting anything.

Climbing into the car, you notice the high quality of the white skin trim. Everything is modern, ergonomics of the Z4 is at the highest level. You constantly keep looking at the aluminum insets. Hard to believe, the car was released in 2002! However, there are some oddities. The emergency bottom is around the handbrake and the set of buttons is at the bottom of the console. To find them with closed eyes? Impossible.

There is a traditional view of the road from the car with a long hood and rear-view mirror at a wide angle. In the mirror, you can see the own wheel arches in detail. Now, what about driving dynamics?

The power unit of the BMW Z4, inline-six, works even quieter than inline-four. However, as soon as you press the accelerator pedal, the motor behaves in a new way, reminding you about its frisky character under the hood. The 6-speed transmission engine displays the power of the BMW Z4. Though, at low gears the engine is a bit «angry» because of prolonged shifting. Earlier, automatic cars were being designed with switching to a higher gear after the 2000rpm. This leads to prolonged whining of the power unit.

The steering keeps you on your toes. This car doesn't allow you to rotate the steering wheel with one finger. You have to manage with maximum accuracy.

Driving, you may notice stiffness of the suspension. You will feel every mound, always knowing which surface you are driving on. However, the shaking is moderate, what isn't surprising – the car was conceived as a sports coupe.

Driving the BMW Z4 casually, you may feel defective. The power unit sounds as if you badly hurt it. But after pressing the gas pedal the show starts.

To feel the real soul of the car, you should squeeze the pedal to the maximum. The engine immediately starts growling and the car gallops ahead with frantic agility. Disconnecting the control system, you can easily put the car into a skid. Such a little thing like a BMW Z4 is able to give a lot of emotion and drive. You will be filled with adrenaline to the brim in a short period of time.

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