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BMW 330Ci E46 Coupe: it’s better to drive old one than rent new

BMW 330Ci E46 Coupe: it’s better to drive old one than rent new

The conversation with the owner of the BMW 330Ci E46 Coupe about its features. The exterior, interior and capacity of this car are at the highest level. The BMW 330Ci E46 Coupe is designed for real fans of the brand.

Many fans of the Bavarian manufacturer believe that the E46 is the latest real BMW model these days.

Let’s talk to the owner of the BMW 330Ci E46 Coupe and get to know some features of the tuning and the working of this car.

The three-door BMW 330Ci E46 version is more impressive. The Coupe looks sporty and, more importantly, modern. The four-door sedan is seen as an outdated model. It should be in the showroom which give BMW for rent «БМВ».

We are lucky that we tested a restyled "three-door" model because it has more expressive features. The car was tuned, but tuning was competent and not phenomenal. If you aren’t versed in BMW cars, you won’t even notice the changes because they are harmonious.


Painting of this handsome car looks native, but it is not. The deep colour with a shimmer was obtained due to the largest metallic fraction. In addition, the car was covered with Paint Rock Meister which can regenerate itself spreading over the surface. The 18” Yokohama ADVAN Racing RZ wheels deserve individual attention. Though they aren’t native, they emphasize the style of the car.


The cabin has a classic discreet but stylish Bavarian design. At first, the driver's seat seems tight. However, then you realise that it resembles an expensive thing which was sewed to individual measures. To experience this, rent the BMW and drive a few hundred kilometres.

Leather seats in the original colours have lateral support and a low sport slung. The ergonomics of the cabin is at the highest level. Wherever you stretch out your hand, you can conveniently reach, turn on or activate anything. It’s a distinctive feature of classic BMW cars.

The plastic is high quality. The car is already 12 years old, but nothing creaks or vibrates even while driving on bumps. The interior elements are made of aluminium. However, a display, which is expected in new cars, is a bit lacking.


This model is equipped with a 3-litre naturally aspirated engine. It works in conjunction with a manual transmission. Only fans of the brand will appreciate this bold combination. The owner replaced the stock slide with a short-stroke slide. The gears are switched quickly with no effort. The transmissions are quite long, so it’s possible to drive switching between the 2nd and 3rd gears.

The suspension is a bit stiff. However, it can be considered a necessity taking into account the car’s sporty character. The BMW 330Ci E46 Coupe passes corners clearly and acutely. The brakes were tuned. It’s a system from the sport version of the BMW M3 CSL. It provides good braking.


This is a great car which, despite its age, attracts the attention on the street. Choosing the BMW, you shouldn’t look at its year but at its real state. It should also be mentioned that the original spare parts are quite expensive, but it's worth it.

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