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BMW 220i and Toyota GT86 – what is better to rent?

BMW 220i and Toyota GT86 – what is better to rent?

This is a short review of two sport models – the BMW 220i and the Toyota GT86. The first one is a comfortable, reliable, and powerful car. The second one has better handling.

Here is a test drive of two pseudo-sports cars. Which car is better for a consumer? Rent a car without driver and experience the charm of the cars for yourself.


The BMW model looks attractive but a bit ineffective. The car looks similar to an "old" two-door body of the fourth and third BMW series. However, there is a certain imbalance of proportions. The wheels look strange and seem small in spite of their 17" diameter.

The Toyota GT86 is an another story. This car can be called a true coupe: a squat body, bulging wheel arches, and an aggressive appearance. The car hints other cars to be careful next to it on the road. The car is equipped with a powerful body kit, bumpers, massive spoiler on the trunk, and large nipples of the exhaust system.


The cabin of the Japanese car looks sporty. The red colour, the three-spoke steering wheel, and the buttons in the form of tumblers make the model look like a racing car. But the seats don't have strong lateral support. However, the quality of the finishing material is not high. There is a lot of cheap hard plastic.

The BMW looks great in any body or package. The high-quality finishing, unusual colours, and perfect ergonomics are the highlights of this car. The central display shows the picture from the rear view camera, multimedia, and navigation. The dashboard is very informative. In general, the car is very comfortable, cosy, and reliable. However, it isn't sporty at all.

Driving performance

The Bavarian car "is equipped with a 2-litre, 184bhp turbo engine, an 8-speed automatic transmission, and rear-wheel-drive system.

The car accelerates rapidly. But the car is equipped with a very high-quality soundproofing. You won't hear any sound of the engine or whistling wind even at high speeds.

Handling of the German car is excellent. The car can boast off with a sharp steering wheel, high information content, and small banks in the corners. The Stability System prevents even the slightest hint of a slip, which is not always good for a driver of a rear-wheel-drive car. The level of comfort is low, but the energy-intensive suspension provides smooth driving.

Subjectively, the Toyota is a complete antipode of the BMW. During acceleration, you will be pushed back to the seat. However, it's oddly enough, but the 200bhp can't make the speedometer arrow move faster than the German car does. Maybe it's because of the aspirated engine? But the 6-speed manual transmission has precise switching.

Handling of the Japanese car is more exciting than the German car due to the smaller centre of gravity and more loyal stability system. However, in general, they are similar. But there is no comfort at all: you'll feel any small bumps on the roads, especially in the city.

The result of renting a car without driver

The BMW 220i and the Toyota GT86 have very similar consumer audience. Their potential customers are young people who prefer active driving and impressive appearance. The Japanese car has better handling and brighter appearance. But its opponent is more comfortable and dynamic.

Advantages of the BMW 220i:

  • good accelerated dynamics;
  • high-quality interior;
  • comfortable suspension;
  • great soundproofing.

Disadvantages of the BMW 220i:

  • inexpressive appearance;
  • advanced stability control system.

Advantages of the Toyota GT86:

  • impressive appearance;
  • interesting interior;
  • excellent handling;
  • powerful engine.

Disadvantages of the Toyota GT86:

  • cheap finishing materials;
  • no driving comfort.

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