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BMW X5 M50d F15 and Audi Q7 V12 TDI for rent

BMW X5 M50d F15 and Audi Q7 V12 TDI for rent

The comparing the two models: the BMW X M50d F15 and the Audi Q7 V12 TDI. The models have their own advantages and disadvantages. To understand which model is better, rent both cars.

Today, we decided to test drive two diesel sport cars: the BMW X M50d F15 and the Audi Q7 V12 TDI.

Why do people call them a sport car? Take a look at the engine of the BMW which consists three turbochargers. Moreover, it has a suspension from the M-sport package. What about the Audi? It can output 500bhp – not bad for a start.

A car with a diesel engine is always associated with a "phlegmatic" car without any fervour. But the motorsport debunked this myth. The Le Mans race proved that dynamics and diesel can be compatible in one car. Let's rent the Audi to verify this, and then let's rent BMW as well.

Audi and BMW for rent: cabins and engines

Now, let's consider and explore these cars inside. Remember that the first impression is always deceptive. The Bavarian cars look futuristic. These cars have a high level of quality: the design of their interior, a multimedia panel, and technical features. Sitting in the Audi Q7, which was released in 2006, you can admire its charm. The designers did their best to make even the smallest details perfect. Rear passengers will feel comfortable in the cabin.

The sound of the engines can hardly be called a diesel sound. Also, there are no typical tractor's roars. The internal combustion engines of the Audi and the BMW work well even during idle running. While driving, the sound of the R6 stirs the blood and makes you speed up. Meanwhile, the V12 Q7 makes a good and respectable sound.

Now it's time to drive our cars! The BMW X5 won this competition, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Launch Control System (acceleration takes 5 seconds);
  • an 8-speed transmission with short travel;
  • it's a light but powerful car (415 kg lighter).

The Audi didn't lose regarding the dynamics, but it left an impression like a representation sedan has. The speed is considered as an individual status of this kind of vehicle, not as something extraordinary.

Rent BMW, and test drive in the city and on the highway

The diesel BMW Q7 is the heaviest model of its lineup. It's equipped with the 20" wheels, low-profile tyres, and a rigid suspension that makes it very sensitive to the road bumps.

The BMW X5 M50 perfectly coped with its task due to its excellent handling, an energy-intensive suspension, and the lack of body rolls. Those who want more active driving, take a closer look at the M-package.

While driving on highways, both cars allowed us to enjoy these top-end cars. However, when we reached the race track with sharp turns, all their fascination was gone. These cars aren't designed for sport victories. However, they are designed for fast and comfortable driving.

Summarizing all the test results, we can confidently declare that a new BMW X5 M50 is like a charm. Moreover, it's very economical: the fuel consumption is about 13 litres per 100 km in the city. This crossover will quickly find its buyer.

We can say that the era of the Audi Q7 12V TDI is going to an end. It was taken out of out of production, so those who have this presentable car can call themselves a "collector". It's sad to say that the diesel V12 engine will never come back to the line of the Audi.

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