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Ban on speed?

Ban on speed?

New rules will limit the speed for drivers with under 2-year driving experience

Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister, instructed the Russian ministry of Internal Affairs to develop innovations in the road laws, the point of which is to limit the rights of drivers without driving experience, increase the speed limit for motorcyclists and introduce a new term “School bus”. The aim is to reduce accidents on roads. The amendments have status of a bill and are being discussed in the chamber. Their reasonableness is doubted by experts.

According to this bill, a driver who have held a driving licence for less than 2 years must drive with a speed of 70 km/h. According to the statistics of the traffic police, 15 % of car accidents are occurred with unexperienced drivers involved. Akatkina, Head of The Russian Motor Club, supposes that an unexperienced driver moving slowly will slow down the traffic creating car accidents on the roads with one lane.

Lobarev Sergey, Chairman of the Guild of Driving Schools, thinks that a number of accidents with unexperienced drivers will increase because someone who drives slowly for 2 years will not be able to adjust to another speed limits. At the same time our driving schools do not give a chance to practise high-speed driving skills.

How is the traffic police going to control young drivers? It is unclear. According to the observer of “At the wheel”, Smirnov Sergey, the cameras cannot identify the person who drives a car. When you register your car, you do not have to present your driving licence and it is not always the owner drives the car.

To fine a young driver will be possible only in case of issueing a report. A police officer will not be able to detect the violation as a driver will be driving with a permitted speed for this part of the road. There is no reason for stopping the car.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also offers to ban young drivers fr om towing or driving a vehicle with dangerous and bulky loads. In 2012 Viktor Kiryanov, Deputy Minister of the MIA, offered to ban beginners from driving more than one passenger at night. The Guild of Driving Schools confirmed that there is no such training in driving schools.

This bill also offers a permission for motorcyclists to increase the speed to 110 km/h on motorways. In the previous bill the speed lim it is 90 km/h. Motorcyclists often get fines for speeding because cameras identify front and rear number plates. Smirnov Sergey thinks that speed limits are outdated and motorcyclists should be allowed to ride faster.

Motorcyclists ride faster than traffic flow, their number plates are impossible to detect sometimes and they can escape from traffic police pursuit easily. Akatkina supposes that we should pay more attention to the safety of motorcyclists and teach them the basics of safe driving not speeding to avoid fines. This applies to drivers as they do not see motorcyclists as equal members of traffic.

Another part of the bill is “School bus”, it must meet all requirements of the vehicle to carry children. This term is introduced to allow school buses to drive on the lanes for buses. The bill does not say how to identify them.

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