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Rent Audi TT to experience unforgettable emotions

Rent Audi TT to experience unforgettable emotions

The review of the Audi TT – a comfortable and powerful car for long driving or renting. There is only one flaw – poor soundproofing. However, you'll definitely fall in love with this car due to its excellent handling. Rent the car and try it for yourself!

Second generation TT is substantially different from the first one. What is the difference? Car rental in Moscow will help you find out the answer.


The appearance of the car attracts admiring glances of everyone due to its sloping roof and expressive lines. This's a real sports car. The Audi TT always stands out from the stream of cars.


The interior is organized compact. All the main control elements are within a reach. The multimedia system is located on the centre console. Its display is monochrome. The climate control is regulated by three round washers. The steering wheel looks sporty.

The driver's seat with has a temporary profile and strong lateral support, so it perfectly keeps the body in corners. The seat is low, and it will stay the same even at the maximum height adjustment. This model has a big trunk (290 litres). Moreover, you can increase it up to 700 litres by folding the rear seat.

Driving performance

The Audi TT is equipped with a 6-cylinder, 3.2-litre engine which can output 250bhp. The torque is 320Nm. Also, there is a 6-speed robotised transmission with two clutches and the Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

It covers 0-100kmph in 6 seconds. The maximum speed is 250kmph.

Dynamics is really good. You'll be able to start driving without slipping. After driving for a few metres, you'll realize that you should pay attention to the accelerator pedal. The engine is capable of reaching 5500 rpm. To be faster than other cars on roads, just slightly push the pedal.

The chassis is also excellent. The all-wheel-drive system maintains the equal distribution of torque along axes that can provide a neutral steering. The stability of the arc is good with no demolition or skidding. Moreover, there are banks, and the steering wheel is informative. So, handling is perfect.

The suspension is enough tough, so you won't feel any bumps on roads. Soundproofing isn't at the highest level. A loud roar of the engine and aerodynamic noise might make you feel tired during a short trip.

Car rental without driver: let's sum up

The Audi TT isn't designed for everyday use although you can do it due to its relatively comfortable suspension. This car is perfect to drive on weekends.


  • comfortable bucket seats;
  • spacious trunk;
  • impressive dynamics;
  • excellent handling.


  • poor soundproofing.

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