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Car travel around Jamaica

Car travel around Jamaica

Jamaica is the paradise of beaches, waterfalls and national parks.The best way to see these places is to rent a car

Travelling around Jamaica is travelling around beaches of the island and seeing its waters. Further from the beaches you can see the sights of the island.

It is better to rent a car in the capital – it will be cheaper than at the airport. And it is better to start meeting with Jamaica with Kingston. Visit the museum of Bob Marley or see a performance of the National Dance Theatre. And then rent a car and drive to Port Royal, where the capital of pirates, which disappeared under water after the earthquake in 1692, is. And after that swim in Rockfort Mineral Bathes, which are renowned for the health-improving effect.

The first beach on the way is Treasure beach. While driving in Jamaica you should remember that there is left driving and local drivers are active and prefer extreme driving. Also, they like to honk with or without reason.

Автопробег по пляжам Ямайки

Speed limits are as follows: 80 km/h on highways and 35-40 km/h in towns and cities. But there are roads, conditions of which will stop you better than any policeman. One more problem in Jamaica is a number of signs.

There is no direct road along the beach in Treasure Beach and you will have to experience all fascination of driving on the roads of Jamaica. In the vicinity of this town is the place of birth of Bob Marley. Here is a plant, where you can see for yourself how Jamaican rum is produced. These places are for visits in the afternoon when the beaches are not so appealing as in the morning.

Having enjoyed the water and white sands of Treasure Beach, let's move to Negril. There a lot of lagoons and the sea is so clear that you can see the bottom up to 25m deep. To look around, you can perch on the lighthouse of Negril. You can also drive by rented car to the far island to Ys waterfalls. it has 7 cascades. You can also swim in the pools at different levels. Which is a real bonus after a long journey.

Leaving Negril, we call at a place called Black River, situated along the river of the same name. Here you can walk in the bushes, see local plants, watch animals and birds inhabited in Jamaica and lie down on the grass of this island.

Moving along the coast, we continue to visit beaches and stop at Montego Bay. The width of the white sand here is 200m, and the water is turquoise. We recommend to visit restaurants here and try local cuisine.

By rented car we move to Ochos Rios. We stop near Falmouth. The Martha Brae River flows here. You can float on a bamboo raft through bushy tunnels.

Morning swimming on the beaches of Ochos Rios and then leaving in the afternoon. The first stop is Dunns River Waterfalls, a 182-metre waterfall on the bank of the sea. There is a trail through bamboo bushes to reach the beginning of the waterfall and see all the way. Having reached the bottom, swim in the sea.

Автопробег по пляжам Ямайки

Then we are off to the Royal Botanical Gardens. The gardens with colours and beautiful rare plants will dilute the slightly palled beaches.

The last waters of Jamaica we see is Long Bay. And on the way to Long Bay is Dolphin Cove near Port Antonio.

One of the advantages of Long Bay is lack of tourists. The locals eagerly invite to go fishing with them. Moreover, the bay isfamous for its waves among surfers. The sand is a rare pink.

Автопробег по пляжам Ямайки

And what is more, Long Bay is the point from where we move to the Blue Mountains. Here is the highest peak of the island (2.250m high). An observation deck is at the top, from where you can see the considerable part of Jamaica. When ascenting the mountains, you can see the colour blue. To see the unusual colour of local mountains and different landscapes, you should make a few journeys, changing the route each time. A rental car is the best way to explore different places of this park, although you will meet some difficulties on the road here.

And now back to Kingston. Before returning our rental car, we visit the mineral strings, Rokfort.

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