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Which cars will be available for hire soon?

Which cars will be available for hire soon?

The overview of the future cars: Mazda Koeru, Nissan Gripz, Toyota C-HR and Audi e-tron quattro. They will be available for hire soon, except the latest model. All the models were presented at the International Motor Show. Each car has its advantages which make it beneficial compared to other models.

A lot of new cars were presented at the International Motor Show. They differ not only by the manufacturer but also the quality of assembly. Let’s discuss the most notable models.

First let’s talk about the Mazda Koeru. According to the manufacturers, this is the future of the car industry. The newest technology was used during production. Moreover, many motorists might like its new design. The wheels are cast. Due to this, the construction is very light and strong. It should be noted that the design is a highlight of the model. The best artists and designers from around the world worked on it. If you look at the name “Koeru”, you can understand that it means "to outdo" and "to go beyond the reasonable". This idea is quite interesting in today's car industry.

Our next point at issue is the Nissan Gripz, a compact crossover with an interesting exterior. After the first examination, it can be understood that the car was created in the spirit of a classic rally and a bicycle. The wheels are made like three-spoke wheels. It reminds you of a bicycle. The small feature is the unusual colour of the tyres. The designers used red-and-white graphics which highlights the Nissan Gripz from a total flow. As for the technical equipment, the car has special cameras in the headlights. They are designed to record everything that happens on the road. The standard package includes a hybrid system which can output 80kW. This is enough to drive in the city and on the highway. Obviously, not everyone can afford to hire the Nissan Gripz.

The Toyota C-HR refers to the crossover class. It’s even called a “hero”. The car has:

  • good handling;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • good technical potential.

The base package includes a good engine with a capacity of about 150bhp.

Another representative of the innovative cars is the Audi e-tron Quattro. It sad to say that it’s unlikely to hire Audie-tron quattro in the near future. Its “heart” is an electric engine which can drive for more than 400km on a single charge. Its rated capacity is 500bhp which is good. The interior is well designed. The designers used only quality materials which don’t cause allergies. Any driver will feel not only comfortable but also safe.

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